5 Best Body Scrubs

Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean you should live with dry or radiance-free skin. Your skin still needs TLC in the fall and winter months. Exfoliating skin regularly is a way to remove dead skin cells and reveal smoother skin. With exfoliation, skin may also appear less wrinkled. It is inexpensive and easy enough to treat your skin well all year long. And a bonus? By keeping up with an all-over body exfoliating routine, your shoulders and legs will be ready for those flirty holiday dresses.

From Head…

1. St. Ives Apricot Scrub is a long-time contender in the exfoliation game. Over the years, the key ingredient in exfoliators from St. Ives has remained the same. Finely crushed apricot seeds and all-natural ingredients are what you will find in these popular and inexpensive exfoliators.

In addition to the original Apricot Scrub, St. Ives has come out with an apricot cleanser, an apricot mask, as well as product lines to exfoliate various skin types including aging skin, sensitive skin and blemish-prone skin. For a gentle exfoliator or face cleaner that is also easy on the purse (under $5 for the apricot scrub), St. Ives is the way to go.

2. Get Sheerious is in the Beautiful Face product line by Freeman Beauty. A lush recipe of raspberry, almond and kiwi gently exfoliate skin while lightly moisturizing it. This exfoliating product retails for under $5.

To Toe…

3. Pedicure in a Minute by Sally Hansen. When your feet need a pick-me-up reach for Pedicure In A Minute, a soothing mixture of natural sugar crystals, vitamins A, C, E, Pro-Vitamin B5, olive oil and tea tree oil. In addition to instantly polishing away dryness, your feet will feel soft and refreshed. It’s an inexpensive way to pamper yourself between pedicures. Retails for under $10.

And Everywhere Inbetween

4. Senorita Margarita Hot Salt Scrub by Philosophy is like taking a hot bath in a deliciously exfoliating margarita that kisses you with a light scent. This oil-free exfoliator relies on natural extracts to smooth and moisturize skin. A 23 ounce jar usually retails for about $25.

5. Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream by Clinique. This exfoliator is intended to for full body use and is recommended to smooth rough spots on elbows, heels and knees. This rich exfoliator awakens skin as granules rub away persistent dullness and annoying flakiness. After using this rich exfoliator skin feels refreshed, and irksome flakiness and dullness are washed away. This exfoliator will cost you $18.50 from Clinique.

Our bodies replace skin cells every 28 days. You can help it along by exfoliating two times a week.

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