Hair Styles for Men and Women

Everyone has to style their hair everyday whether its for work, school, or just going out. Some people do not like to style their hair so they throw on a hat. Men have it easy they have it nice and short and don’t have to worry much about it. There are ways to change tour look by coloring, cutting, or layering it. Men can add higlights to their hair and cut it nice and short. Women have so much more to do with their hair. They cut get it trimmed, layered, highlighted, or cut it nice and short. No not like men but short enough.

Women want to look beautiful no matter where they go to the market or mall or picking up their children. Some women take hours fixign their hair. Some do not even have 5 minutes with it. We all want to look beautiful when we wake up but that does not happen either. We give outselves a shower and pamper up a little bit and there we are off for the day. Women can style their hair in so many ways. You can add a twist to your hair, french braid, braid, bun, or a headband. If you have very little time and you have not much to fix your hair than you can either wrap it up in abun or tie it back with a nice barette.

It is hard for women to keep up with new styles and care for their hair. If you run a hectic life and you want to look like supermodel than you need to spend time with your hair. You can buy a straightener or a curling iron. The best products to use on your hair for womern and men are mouse, hairspray, and spray gel. Do not apply too much but enough. Just spray when finished and the mouse you apply when styling your hair.

Most women enjoy having short hair because its easier to care for. Remember when stylign your hair that wet hair hair is harder to work with in up-do styling. Clean dry hair works much better. If your hair is striaght it will hold much better in some styles. If not that is why barretts are made and bobby pins. If you want straight hair use a flat iron, for curly hair use a curling iron, for flips use the flat iron. There are ways and tricks to doing your hair just the way you want. You have to practice in order to get your hair perfect. Sometime by having the hair dresser do it for you you can learn more.

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