Degree Antiperspirant Versus Lady Speed Stick

No one wants to smell like a sweaty sock at the end of the day! It is imperative to find an antiperspirant that works as long and as hard as you do.

When shopping for an antiperspirant, in my opinion, there are three qualities of great importance. The three aspects to consider are the scent, whether it dries clear, and most importantly, the effectiveness of the product.

Both Lady Speed Stick and degree are offered in a wide variety of scents. Degree invisible solid is available in Shower Clean, Sheer Powder, and Fresh Oxygen. Pure Rain, Pure Satin, and Pure Silver scents are sold as Ultra Clear varieties. I chose to try Sheer Powder Invisible Solid.

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry, by Mennen, can be found in a number of fragrances. I selected my favorite fragrance from Powder Fresh, Fruity Melon, and Passion Flower. I personally chose to test Fruity Melon.

The scent of these products is found to be both light and clean. The fragrance is not too. Overpowering, a quality I prefer in a product of this nature. I was pleased with the fact that I could coordinate my deodorant fragrance with other products I use frequently. Fruity Melon complimented my shampoo fragrance. Sheer Powder was the perfect fragrance for those hot summer days when I used a little powder.

I like the security of knowing the product I select will leave no messy white marks or residue. Read the label to determine if the product is one that dries clear.

When faced with the array of products, I chose the solid that claims to dry clear. Both the Degree and the Lady Speed Stick live up to their promises. After a few moments to dry, my underarms had no product visible.

During a trial of each product, degree seemed to be less effective when compared to Lady Speed Stick. It seems that it took more degree to keep me fresh than the amount of Lady Speed Stick that was used for the same amount of freshness. When active in the heat of summer, I felt the need to reapply the Degree Antiperspirant. The Lady Speed Stick endured the day through exercise and other demanding activities.

Antiperspirants are only useful when they keep you feeling, and smelling, clean and fresh. Lady Speed Stick ran circles around Degree. Degree Antiperspirant simply could not take the heat.

For more information about Degree antiperspirant/deodorant call 1 866 Degree 1. Another toll free number for information is 1 800 228 7408. This number will connect you to a representative who can help you.

Upon calling the number for Degree, I was given a choice of languages. By pressing the number two, after selecting my preference of English, I was given information to explain the expiration date code on the back of my label. If stored properly, the product can last two years.

When I called the latter number to ask about a warning mentioned on the label of the Lady Speed Stick, I was directed to a very helpful lady who answered all my questions. On the label of both products, a warning can be found. An individual who has kidney disease should consult their physician before using either of these products. The warning was mandated by the FDA in 2004 to be placed on the packaging. The reason for the warning is due to the product containing aluminum.

To rate the products overall, I will use a scale of ten perspiration drops. Ten drops depicts a very poor product. One drop is an excellent product. The products will be graded based on everything from the information on the label to customer service.

Degree Lady Speed Stick

Label Info. 1 drop 1 drop

Scent 3 drops 2 drops

Dries Clear 1 drop 1 drop

Effectiveness 7 drops 2 drops

Customer Service 5 drops 1 drop

Overall 3.7 drops 1.4 drops

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