Preventing Pimples – Steps to Prevent Breakouts

What shows up in your face tend to be a sign of your health. Your face is usually the first area that the impurities in your body emerges itself on. When you eat poor quality food and not eliminate well, your body gets stagnated. The liver gets overloaded in its work to clean itself of the chemicals and waste that is a result from having a poor diet. When there is too many debris in your system, the other way of getting rid of them is through your skin which can result in pimples. Therefore, how do you go about in preventing pimples? First, include organic foods in your meals. Organic foods are plants and animals that are grown naturally without artificial chemicals and have plenty of room to move and grow. Because these foods do not contain artificial chemicals, a foreign substance to your body, your body is able to utilize the natural nutrients more which allows it to heal itself better.

In other words, natural ingredients are the clean efficient fuel while synthetic ingredients are the poor, dirty fuel that will break down your engine or your body. Synthetic foods are found in many places. If you look at the package of anything as simple as crackers, you may find that there is not even one whole ingredient in it. Enriched flour is not “real” food. It has been refined and processed until there is no strip of nutrient in it left. The companies that produce these products need to enrich them as a result of the loss. This is also true for white sugar and white rice. The big reason they refine the ingredients is to give their products longer shelf life. “Isn’t that suppose to be good?” You may ask. No, it means the food must be really “dead” to last so long. If you eat dead foods that means you are putting waste inside your body.

“Enriched” does not imply that the synthetic vitamins or minerals these companies put in the products are any good for you. First of all, human-made or extracted vitamins and minerals are not superior to the ones found in naturally grown foods. It is missing other ingredients that may be found in the whole fruit or animal product that allows for better absorption and utilization in the body. Secondly, the producers of enriched foods add only some vitamins and minerals lost back. As a result of consuming dead foods over and over again, your body lacks the natural vitamins and minerals that it needs to function properly. Thus, you may eat more and more of these dead foods thinking that you “crave” them. In actuality, you are only starving yourself and cheating yourself of what you truly deserve. Many other problems can arise because of this. One big problem is obesity and the “depression” that rolls along with it. As a consumerâÂ?¦ as a human being working to support other human beings in the web of society, you deserve clean, whole nutritious foods to run your body, mind, and soul.

One good way to adjust yourself to organic and whole foods is to add it into your meals. By “adding”, I mean you do not need to forbid yourself of foods you are used to eating but include those that are whole or organic or both. It is not necessary to change all at once. It is best that you do not because your body needs time to adjust. An entire change in food intake can cause you to be sick if your immune system can not process the debris released quickly enough. As a result of these statements, cleaning your body of pollutants in order to prevent pimples will need time. Time is not a big issue if you make eating whole, organic foods a habit.

Now that the issue of synthetic foods has been unveiled to you, another way to prevent breakouts is to include raw garlic in your diet at least once a week. Garlic is a powerful herb. It helps to kill the bad invaders that can make you sick and helps to clear your system. However, when you eat garlic be sure to eat the clove with other foods such as celery and cucumber. This will allow you to thoroughly chew the garlic making it better to digest. It will also aid your stomach to buffer the strong effects of the herb. If you eat garlic alone, you may burn your mouth and tongue. When it burns, you may chew less which makes for poor digestion. Bad breath from poor digestion can be an outcome of such a method of eating garlic. However, there is another form of smell that results just from chewing raw garlic. Parsley is helpful in decreasing this smell in your mouth.

Another method of preventing pimples is exercise. Exercise helps to rid your body of debris through respiration and perspiration. Your skin is the other lung and it needs exercise to help it move waste out. There is no need to exercise too much. You should feel energized and not tired after exercising. Do your best to keep all things you do in balanced. In conclusion, the three focal points to preventing pimples include more whole, organic foods in your daily meals, eat garlic at least once a week, and exercise.

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