Eating Healthy – 5 Important Rules

What exactly is “eating healthy”? What should you keep in mind when choosing the optimal diet for your life? The following 5 Tips can assist you in making informed choices about your daily diet.

1. Eat a variety of different foods.

Eating healthy does not mean, you have to limit your food intake to apples and carrots. Enjoy variety! Choose the most nutrient dense foods, that are light in calories, and change your ingredients frequently. You are adding not only to your enjoyment, but are ensuring that you get a wide selection of nutrients in their optimal ranges.

2. Switch to whole-grain.

If it is pasta, rice, or bread, switching to whole grain is not only beneficial for your fiber intake, but it also keeps you full longer. Whole grain products also do not raise your blood sugar level as fast as the white varieties, allowing a natural, gradual increase, rather then dangerous spikes.

3. Add 5 portions of fruits and vegetables to your day!

Fruits and vegetables tend to be lower in calories then processed foods, while being filled with necessary vitamins and minerals. Best to begin at breakfast, by adding fresh fruit to your cereal or yogurt, or drinking a delicious smoothie.

4. Drink Lots of Water!

Keeping dehydrated is essential for optimal health. Sticking with plain water without any additives of flavor powders or sports drink is not only economical, it limits your exposure to chemicals that are base of these flavor additions. If you still prefer flavored water, you can add a splash of lemon, or a splash of your favorite organic fruit juice. Herbal teas are also a great alternative, specifically if they are non-sweetened, and you steeped them yourself.

5. Get moving!

Take a few minutes every day to exercise. Simple yoga exercises, a brisk walk, or a bike ride, preferably daily will add to your overall well-being and should be added to your health routine. The activities will also get you out of the kitchen and away from those tempting bags of chips or cookies.

Wishing you optimal health!

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