How to Remove Dirt and Grime from Hair

Cleaning hair appears easy, but often we are not aware to have left dirt and grime tangled at the bottom of the hair, while they shine at the top. This is an even harder process if the hair has not been washed for quite some time, while application of daily hair care products keeps adding to dirt and grime in it. The best solution to keep your hair clean of dirt and grime is to daily wash it thoroughly, with any shampoo you use. Since air pollution has risen to an extent, leaving hair without washing even for one day adds to dirt and grime in it.

Shampoo is the most recommended solution to remove dirt and grime from hair, but it does not work all the times, especially it does not help achieve 100 per cent result. In that case you can look for any other product that clean hair thoroughly over the counter of your pharmacy, or even see your skin specialist if the situation is serious. For example, your hair is being damaged because of some skin problems, and it is not allowing you to wash your hair effectively.

Also, there are some homemade remedies to remove dirt and grime from the hair. For example, use of vinegar. Further, it is not the actual use of the washing product, but how you use it is also important and a way to remove dirt and grime from hair effectively.


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    Combing Hair Before Washing

    It may sound surprising but yes combing of hair before washing it helps to remove loose dirt from it. Combing will also loosen the hair tangled in each other at the top. There is a misconception that combing dry hair, especially if it is dirty can break it, but that is not the case. In fact it helps in removal of loose dirt from it. Do not comb through the hair with force, because if they are tangled tightly, there is a possibility you will break it by exerting force.

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    Put Plenty of Water

    It is possible that you have take more than a couple of days since last time you washed your hair. Whether or not this is the case, put a plenty of water to wet your hair. It is better if you use shower to wet. It is your choice to select the temperature of the water. This will remove all hair care products you have applied since washing last time and remove dirt and grim to an extent as well.

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    Shampoo Hair

    After you have wet your hair that they are hanged down naturally, rinse water through them, gently. It is better use your fingers but do it with a soft touch and do not exert force. Then you can take a reasonably measured quantity of any shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly. Do not use shampoo on tips of the hair as it will make them dry and tangled in each other. This will break the hair.

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    Wash With Vinegar

    Vinegar is another home remedy to remove dirt and grime from hair. Take a little amount of vinegar and then add three times more water to it. Apply it to your hair and after you think you are done, rinse the water through your hair. You condition your hair once they are washed and this will leave your hair dirt and grime free and give shiny soft look to your hair.

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