Barber Shops in Savannah


Barbershops have, in the past, typically served a social function as well as a practical one. Men would often gather in a barber shop throughout the day to discuss the town’s latest news. Discussions in barbershops have ranged from rising prices, to the latest love exploits of any given man, to the latest episode of their favorite Shows, which the men are watching and discussing in the photo above. This kind of social atmosphere has begun to taper off, however, as younger generations find different places to congregate. The most successful barbershop owners were those who found other, more “creative” ways to make money. In order to survive, barbers often needed a higher income than what they earned from cutting hair. Most often, barbershops would have a “back room,” where members of the community could come to gamble. There were usually several gambling options open to those interested, the most common of which being playing “the numbers” or poker. The owner of the shop would regulate the gambling, thus ensuring himself a portion of the gains. BEAVERS BARBER SHOP makes you feel like you are back in the past, with the all time pamper treatment.


It is rare, today, to find a traditional barber shop practicing and keeping alive old skills such as razor cutting, neck shaving and face shaving. The tool of their trade for which they use best known as the cut throat razor which I wield with supreme skill. “OLIVER’S BARBER SHOP” with a modern twist. We specialize in clipper haircuts, which consist of regular haircuts – tapered, rounded or blocked off, flat tops, fades, crew cuts or whatever is in style at the moment!!! They layer cut hair, trim beards and mustaches, and even do hot lather face shaves. The Barbers even shave around your ears and neck, with hot lather, after your clipper haircut! They offer you the best service at a most reasonable cost! We now have three barbers on staff, with at least two on duty 5 days a week, THREE on Saturdays to help better serve all of your hair care needs. From traditional to modern, flat tops to spikes, WE can do it all!


Providing the best cuts at fair prices in the SAVANNAH, GA, their services include: regular & layer cuts, flat tops, straight razor shaves with hot towels, shampoos, beard & mustache trims, styles and much, much more. Each quality cut comes with a neck massage. The barber shop is old fashioned barbering at its best. Also, children get a free treat with parent approval, after each hair cut. At the barber shop you’ll find a daily news paper, current issue magazines, cable TV, free coffee & cookies, soft drink/candy vending machines and good conversation.

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