Choosing The Perfect Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Lipstick is one of the priceless accessories a woman can possess. Not only does it spice up your look, it transforms your entire outfit. You do not even need to apply much make up to accentuate the face. A fresh touch of lipstick can work magic. The bolder the better.

But how do you know which lipstick matches your skin tone. Could it be that you have been applying your lipstick without really thinking how it fits on your skin. Here are ways to help you know how to apply your lipstick shades and which colors go for which skin tones;


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    Dark Skin Tone

    Women with dark skin tones should apply dark, bold, bright lipstick shades. This will showcase their skin tone color and give a very effective look to the one wearing it, regarding what outfits they are wearing. It is also another fact to note that the darker the skin tone, the darker the lipstick shade.

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    Fair Skin Tone

    This color tone should gear towards the cool shades. For example would be pastel colors, light medium lipstick shades, but not so light. They should be radiant to the face but not over powering to the face. There should be a balance, colors like light blue, purple will do well for this skin tone type.

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    Fair Skin Tone With Warm Undertones

    These skin tone is of a mixture, and can be tricky if one doesn’t know the right shade of lipstick to apply. To know whether one has cool or warm undertones, is to look at the inside of their wrist, if it blue, then you’re cool, if it appears green then one is warm. This skin tone can use all shades of red and coffee based browns, coral, orange or yellow based red, deep burgundy, caramel.  It is important to avoid neutral colors as they can make one appear drained, washed off or fatigued. Bright colors with a statement will give a dramatic effect, even for the subtle of lipstick shades.

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    Medium Skin Tone With Cool Undertones

    This skin tone should use blue or purple based pigments. It is important that when choosing red one stays away from red lipstick that has an orange based pigment. Try bluish deep red instead for the stunning effect. Shades that are too light will make you look washed out or drained. Red mousse, Liquid Fuchsia are preferred examples.

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    Olive Skin Tone

    Olive skin tone is a skin tone that is neither dark nor fair and go with any kind of lipstick shade. For this skin tone, one is allowed to experiment on the different dark shades of lipstick as bright hues will make you look washed out. Deep shades are flattering for olive skin tone. Deep purple-based tones, bronze or berry are very vibrant for this skin tone, wine shades are also excellent choices for this skin tone. Maroon, or burgundy could do well too, brown or coffee shades, brown clay-like shade will also do well for this skin tone too. Be it in a glossy or matte application. Deep red, plum, purple red are great for a subtle youthful appearance. Matte stays longer depending on the product one is using.

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    It is important to know which lipstick works for you by experimenting with different shades with these few simple guidelines. The more you practice, the more you feel connected to a particular shade. Lipstick like fashion, is according to moods, how you feel and what you want to project to the outside world, so as much as there is the need to match your skin tone to look “perfect”, there is also the path of being free to experiment and break the rules.

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