How To Apply Foundation Make Up to the Eyelids

Applying eye makeup is one of the trickiest parts in giving a decent look to a face. If you are good in applying eye makeup, then you are a good makeup artist for sure. In the meantime, if you apply a good eye makeup, but it becomes cracked in few hours, then you certainly need to know how you can hold the makeup for longer period of time.

For some, it may be appear really difficult to apply something that can hold the makeup. However, the reality is completely different. You can just apply the foundation before you apply the makeup on the eyelids, which will keep your eye makeup in place for hours.


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    Before you start applying foundation on your eyelids, you should make sure that eyelids are clean and moisturised. Moisturising the eye area will protect the delicate tissues, and will allow the foundation to be applied in a proper manner. To moisturise the eye area, take a cotton ball and moisten it before rubbing on the eye area. It will remove any dirt or oil from the skin. Then rub your eyelids gently with the help of your fingers, to blend in the moisturiser.

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    Now take primer makeup and apply it on the eyelids. The primer makeup will make the eyelid skin smooth, which in turn, will help the foundation to stick well when you apply it. Using your finger, dab the primer on the eyelid. Now rub the primer gently with the help your finger. Wait for few minutes, until you find the primer properly settled and blended with your skin.

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    When the primer is settled well, you can apply the foundation that matches the overall skin tone of your face. You can test the foundation before you apply it on your eyelids. Testing can be done by applying small amount on the back of your hand. Then take a small amount of foundation on the sponge and dab it on your eyelids. Now rub the foundation downwards, using your finger. Make sure you do not allow the foundation to get into your eyes.

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    You can now set the foundation by applying a small amount of powder on the eyelids. Rub it downwards in the same way that you used to apply the foundation.

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    Now you can apply the eyeshadow, as the foundation will hold the makeup well, avoiding the crease to be formed on the eyelids.

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