How to Apply Minimalistic Makeup

A minimalistic make up follows the “less is more” approach. It gives the face a very natural look yet seems attractive. There are many parties where you are required to apply some make up but you do not want to look over dressed. Such as casual dinners or cocktail parties, require you to do minimal make up. It is also perfect for teens and young girls. They may want to do make up but do not want people to think that they are over mature. Applying less make up will enhance your natural beauty and make you look classy. It is also a trend these days.


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    The makeup routine starts with washing your face with a facial cleanser so that it is free from oil and dirt. Chose a facial cleanser according to your skin type. There are different kinds of skin: oily, dry, normal and combination. Different products are available to cater to each skin type. Wash your face with Luke warm water and pat it dry using a soft cloth or a cotton pad. If your skin is dry, apply some moisturizer.

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    To make the whole skin look evenly toned, apply a concealer according to your skin complexion. Put it on red or dark spots to hide them. A flat and small concealer brush should be used on blemishes while it should be applied with fingers under the eye. Do not apply in large quantity or on the whole face as it will make you look fake.

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    Now apply a light pink blush to enhance your cheeks, temples and chin. It is advised to use a liquid blush on as creamy texture will blend better with your skin, apply it lightly so that you bone structure is visible but it shouldn't be highlighted a lot as you will look flushed.

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    Use a nude skin colour eye shadow on the crease of the eye. Also apply it underneath lightly. Blend it well using a brush. Make the outer corners of the eyes more visible by using shimmer on them, a liquid shimmer will work great. This will bring out the shape of your eye. Also curl your lashes a little, press them for around 5 seconds. Lightly apply mascara on the lower and upper lashes. If your hair is of light colour, dark brown mascara will complement it.

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    Complete the look by applying a natural toned lip pencil. Coat it with a transparent gloss to draw attention to your lips.

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