How to Create a Pink Fairy Makeup Look

Buying a new pink shade does not make you a fairy. Men will notice your appearance only if you face them with a wonderful pink fairy look. Creating such look is a wonderful experience. Whether it’s Halloween, school, work, or just for fun, you will surely look pretty awesome.

Although creating a fairy look is a lengthy procedure, it is not hard by any means. You just need to apply different items in a specific order. There is no need to go to a makeup pro for this. If you own a makeup kit, the trick can be done within a few minutes.


  • 1

    Your face must be cleaned. Therefore, first of all wash your face with any good cleanser. If there is no cleansing product available, you can wash the face just like the way you normally do.

  • 2

    Washing could make your skin dry. So, you need to moisturise your face a little. Make sure you apply the lotion evenly and not in large quantity.

  • 3

    Now, it is the time to use the powder foundation. Again, you need to ensure that the powder has been applied evenly. Even a small patch is intolerable in this procedure.

  • 4

    Having finished with the foundation, pick up your black eyeliner and apply it within your lash line. It must be applied lightly.

  • 5

    To prime your eyes, you need to use the white compacted eye shadow. It should be applied very lightly on your eyelid.

  • 6

    After finishing with the white one, use the pink shimmer powder eye shadow. Make sure you cover the entire eyelid. You also need to cover all the way up to the eyebrow. It must be blended with the help of a finger.

  • 7

    It is the time to return to the white shimmer powder eye shadow. It is required to be applied near the tear ducts. It is not mandatory, but the white shimmer powder eye shadow brings a lot of light shade to the eyes. Make sure you don’t apply too much quantity.

  • 8

    After using pink and white, take the purple shimmer powder eye shadow. It must be applied on the crease. You need to apply it very lightly right between the eye socket and where the brow bone starts. Blend it well with your finger.

  • 9

    The next step is applying the eyeliner. The line should neither be thick nor thin.

  • 10

    Apply mascara before a light blush.

  • 11

    The final step is putting a shimmery light pink lipstick. To add shine, use a lip gloss.

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