How to Apply Basic Rock Star Makeup

Rock is one of the most renowned genres of music that originated from rock and roll in the 1950’s. Over the years, this genre has become famous for its unique style not only in music but in appearances as well.

The popularity of rock music has influenced culture, fashion and social norms massively, and these days, many people enjoy changing their appearance to look like a rock star when going to a concert or a party.

One can go to a salon or parlour to get the changeover, but it can also be done at home through some simple and easy steps.

Things Required:

– Mirror
– Foundation
– Concealer
– Eye-Shadow brush
– Light Gray Eye Shimmer
– Black Kohl Eyeliner
– Black Eye-Shadow
– Black Mascara
– Light Pink Blush
– Blusher Brush
– Red Lipstick
– Lip Brush
– Black Nail Varnish


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    Before applying makeup, wash your face and hands properly, and dry them gently by patting towel. Start the makeup by applying foundation of your own choice at your face and neck. Apply concealer to all the areas that are prominent due to spots or acnes, e.g. under the eye, around the nose, etc. Now use the eye-shadow brush to apply the light gray shimmer at both of your eyelids. After finishing eyelids, take out the black kohl eyeliner, and draw a dark and thick line along the upper and lower eyelash lines. Extend the lines at the end on both eyes. Gently smudge the eyeliner by using your finger.

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    Now set your kohl going over it gently with black eye-shadow on an eye-shadow brush, and finish the eye by applying black mascara at the top and bottom of eyelashes.

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    Take out the light pink blush, and apply it gently over your cheekbones. Make sure you only coat just to have a touch of it, as the main emphasize in Rock Star appearance is at eyes and lips.

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    Now coat your nails of both hands with the black nail varnish.

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    Take out your dark red lipstick, and apply it over your lips.

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