What Your Lipstick Shade says About You


Lipstick like any other fashion accessory creates a special effect on the overall fashion style of a woman and must be considered a pronounced addition for that matter. Just as body language can be peculiar to certain types individuals, lipstick can also do the same. The shades of lipstick you put on in one way or another influences the way individuals perceive you.

However, the choices you make can be a reflection of your personality or mood. Be you an extrovert, introvert or even ambivert , your lipstick shade showcases a bold statement of who you are or even how you are feeling and only those who understand the “language of lipstick” can glean significant insights into your personality.

Here are a few shades lipstick and brief descriptions of how people interpret the wear’s personality










  • 1


    This shade is the most popular one available, and the most classic of all lipstick. As available as it is, not everyone can pull it off. Due to various skin tones and also the technique in which it is applied. This color represents one that is confident, assertive, sexy, passionate, a femme fatale woman.  They are intimidating and have strong characters, even one with a gentle face, with a red lipstick shows a different woman capable of anything. Most people say the red lipstick empowers them, be it for a presentation or for anything. Research has stated that a woman put on red lipstick before going into the labor room, as it served as an empowering tool. The power of the red lipstick should not be underestimated, so does the women wearing them.They are goddesses.

  • 2


    This shade shows an inner confidence and comfort with their own skin, not seeking any approval or validation from social conventions. Also it shows one that has nothing to hide, baring their soul in to whatever they are doing, honest to their needs and desires.Such people can be vulnerable despite the walls they put up to protect themselves. They are the human soul personified in excellence.

  • 3


    Apart from the conventional known lipstick shades people tend to use, which are Red and neutral, wearing purple is like drawing the borderline between great and simply awesome. People that wear this shade are often seen adventurous, bold, daring, and calculating. So even if you meet an introvert that is wearing a purple shade, watch out, she might just have enough hidden momentum to turn into a hurricane.

  • 4


    The different shades of this color means the same. The deeper this shade, the richer the inner woman . Women that wear this shade are known to be strong, decisive and a no-nonsense woman. They are not the people you can simply approach for idle conversation but should you be are lucky enough to have this type of woman's fully attention they will give you memories to cherish for a long time.

  • 5


    This shade has other categories that fall in between like coral, plum etc. These shades are bold, and shows a wild and fun side. Basically crossing borderlines, they are enthusiastic in all.

  • 6


    This shade is the playful, cheerful personality, It shows one that is in touch with their innocence and their inner child. Shy or reserved woman can fall within category but within a short moment they will get you rolling with laughter and pure joy.

  • 7

    No lipstick

    Although this is not really a shade. They are "see me as I am", nothing to prove, straight forward in their actions  and striking in their normal appearance. Such women prefer to dazzle in lip gloss rather than lipstick

  • 8


    There are graduations in shade from the various colors stated above and each has its own message but are closely related to its closest relative described here . The deeper the shade, the greater the intensity. However it goes, these shades are the standard means to interpret the lipstick language. Everyone with  their own unique or preferred shade. One can also step out of the box and try something new. Fashion like lipstick is not meant to be tied down or boxed. Fashion is expression so try that gold you’ve always wanted which by the way is associated with the purple family.

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