How to Clean Your Make up Bag

If you do not organize your makeup bag regularly, it is likely to become messy with used and unused stuff. For this, you will need a drastic cleaning of the bag, after a month or even before. The process is neither difficult nor very time consuming, but you will have to approach the task step by step and in an organized way. It is also necessary for the health and safety reasons that your makeup brushes and all other items should be cleaned all the time, and especially before use. It is better to check your brush before use for safety.


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    Clearing of Makeup Bag

    First of all you need to clear the makeup bag. For this, take a towel or a piece of any other cleaned cloth/fabric and spread it on the table. Tip all the makeup products on the cloth so that the bag is cleared of them, entirely. Be careful and do not jerk the bag too strongly, as you can cause damage to some products or they can even break if they are in glass packing. It is better if you take out the entire stuff one by one with your hands.

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    Organize Products on Priority Basis

    After tipping all makeup products on a piece of cloth, organize them one by one on the basis of their priority. For example, you can organize all products of daily use in a row, and products of weekly use in another row. Keep all brushes separate.

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    Disposing of Finished Products Containers

    You can keep containers of finished products or products which you think are not in your use anymore in a separate row. You can dispose them of properly after finishing cleaning of the bag. Do not just throw the stuff out, it can be accessed by children and can be harmful to their health.

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    Washing of Brushes

    Take water in a small bowl and put a small amount of shampoo in it. Put all makeup brushes one by one and wash them thoroughly. It is likely that they are polluted with spill outs in the bag, which you be even not aware of. Use of cleaned brushes is also important for health of your skin. It can also protect you from any negative effects of products used with uncleaned brushes.

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    Cleaning of Other Products

    Along with brushes also carefully clean other products with a piece of soft cloth. It is likely that their containers might have caught dirt or mark of any other product. Also find their lids and put them again so that they are prevented from spill-outs in the bag.

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    Cleaning of Bag

    After washing brushes and cleaning of all other products, clean the bag inside out with a piece of soft cloth. Also turn around the bag to let any dirt particles fall out. Look into the corners of the bag using your hand so that no piece of a product or any other thing is left stuck inside.

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    Reorganizing of All Products

    After you are done with cleaning of products and bag, put all the stuff in the bag in an organized way, although it is likely that it can fall on each other once the bag is lifted. In a proper makeup box, the stuff can stay organized in the longer run.

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