How to Wear Retro Make Up

You can create a perfect retro look with or without putting glamorous makeup. However, keeping makeup as simple as possible will give you a better look. Wearing a glamorous makeup is not discouraged either. It depends on the outing choice as well, and down on you entirely whether you want to go overboard or want to wear a simple retro makeup. This will also depend on the colour selection you make. Generally, use of light colours like pastels is preferred. The selection of colours is also entirely on your choice.


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    Plan Your Own Way

    A general recommendation is to keep the retro makeup down to simple, but it largely depends on the look you have conceived to create and the purpose or reason that you are applying the makeup for. You can change the level of makeup, especially application of different products, according to your features.

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    Selection of Colours

    Generally, simple colours are preferred in creating a retro look, especially like pastels colours. There is no as such bar in this, and you can also apply more bright and glamorous colours keeping in view different factors that can influence your choice. A majority of colours used in retro colours have prefix 'baby'. Consider your skin tone while selecting colours.

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    Applying Makeup

    Some models wear thick line on eyelid only and defined crease. However, you do not have to define the crease if it is already defined. Also, if you are not sure about the selection of colours and application of the makeup, you can get it done from beautician for a couple of times to learn the technique of wearing retro makeup. You can use the same style and procedure for application of the makeup on your own next time.

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    Selection of Lipstick

    You may also find a nude pink lipstick for wearing on your lips in retro makeup. However, if your skin tone is darker you can apply simple pink lipstick. You can also use a darker shade lipstick, but be assured about the tone of your skin. Again, if you are not sure about the colour of the lipstick, you can either seek an advice from your localĀ beauticianĀ or search online to conceive one that you like the most to wear.

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