Finding The Perfect Lipstick Shade To Match Your Mood

Lipstick like any other accessory has a subtle language of its own. First impressions are all about appearances and how you look can be a very useful way of communicating how you feel inside.The type of lipstick you put on can let people around you know whether you are approachable or not, if your in the mood for fun or going for that cool, professional look.

We already know that certain colors or shades trigger certain emotional responses in people. Using a bold lipstick shade to project strength could make the difference in how your are treated throughout the day.

That is why some colors are termed as “cool colors” whilst others are “warm colors”. If you are looking for the perfect lipstick shade to send a subconscious message about how you are feeling inside without hampering your fashion sense, here are these few magical tips.


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    This shade of lipstick portrays the image of being fierce and daring. It is similar to aggressiveness, anger,  isolation, mystery and also portrays a seductive aura. If one is in this kind of mood where they do not feel like talking to anyone or blending in, this is the shade to use. To help with this effect is to add black eye shadow to help maximize the effect.

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    Red connotes danger, blood, etc. The advantage with this shade is that one can mix it with black and the effect is powerful. To use this shade one just need a black eye shadow and a deep luscious red, the result is an ultimate show of power, anger, passion, confident, sexiness etc. To make it super intense, simply use a bit of red eye shadow and the red lipstick, even with a simple outfit, your face is showing a different language, thanks to your lips.

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    Using a color like orange for a start connotes a wild attitude, people don’t know whether they can approach you. In this case, one doesn’t need to add any other facial make up as this color lipstick helps to translate your mood. It brings about uncertainty from others towards you, As an introvert you might not want to be involved in a chatty banter or an extrovert who might not be in for a discussion but might sound angry if asked about their quiet demeanor.  Orange is the shade to go for coupled with an expressionless face or confused look when quizzed about one's mood or whether one is up for a chat. The facial expression and the lipstick should do the trick.

    Secondly, since the shade connotes one that is wild, fun and happiness goes here too.  For one that wants to attract people to you without saying a word, because you are shy or uncomfortable approaching people first, especially in a public setting,  lip gloss orange or a slight smudge of matte orange lipstick with a wide smile would do the trick. Also for one who is an extrovert, a smile is just enough. Who doesn’t want to sit with the girl with orange lipstick when she’s smiling!

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    For one with a warm skin tone should try a deep shade of green, whilst the cool skin tone should try the light shade, not bright, or a tinted glossy version of green.

    This is the mysterious shade that can be interpreted on 3 different levels.

    First. Wearing  a green lipstick with light makeup represents an "earth individual", one that is fun, practical, humble, unassuming, very physical and intense. A floral, bohemian and edgy sense of fashion is an excellent compliment for this lipstick. Green eye shadow will just help the situation be more fun and interesting.

    Second. Green projects the image of passive rage akin to jealousy. Use green if you are looking to project your frustration without looking like an attention seeker or an overtly jealous person. Wearing the green lipstick shade, with something of a black eyeliner and a serious expression will perfectly pull off this look..

    Third. Green is the ultimate mysterious sexy color . When one wears green you are not saying can I approach or not? You simply can’t and you just stare. Be it in dress or in lipstick shade. It has its own form of aura with it. If red is too pronounced for you, substitute with green to get that same vibrant sexy mood out there.

    Note that glossy green makes one appear younger and vibrant whilst matte on the other hand gives off a  more mature and intense image, do a test combination of both before you go out.

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    This shade indicates a mood on 2 levels;

    First. That of absolute confidence poise, a queen for every situation. A black or purple eye shadow or eye liner will carry on this effect perfect. If you are looking to rise above the pettiness of little-minded people and draw strength, this shade is for you. If one just want to be left alone or want to gather attention without being the first to approach this is the lipstick shade for you

    Second. Another area where this shade also works its magic, it’s when one wears this shade and portrays huge smiles and have this childlike look on them. It is important to note that this shade gives sophistication and class if done well. Who wouldn’t want to speak to the sophisticated and smiley lady with a book in hand and cup of tea. This shade spells adventure, fun, interesting, deep, thought provoking  conversations.  Tough and classy looking.

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    This shade encompasses other  similar shades, like burgundy and light or deep shade wine. They basically intimidate you. These kind of shade  tells one "don’t come to me, and even if you do, don’t expect me to open up to you immediately". It is an unusual color for one to wear, and a tricky one to pull off. Warm skin tones should go for deeper shades, cool skin tones should branch in for light shades, not too light so one doesn’t appear washed out.

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    This shade shows you are in for a fun time. If your are feeling playful, happy and fun. Laughter and parties abides with this shade. One that wears this shade shows that they are in for a thrilling, fun and adventurous ride. If you are looking to live your best moments in care-free pleasure, rock that pink.

  • 8


    You are serious and you have no time to mingle or partake in unnecessary banter. It shows a  strict personality and one that means business at all cost. Even in the area of relationships, this lipstick shows one that is straightforward and doesn’t like to dangle around. A mood would be intense with dark or bright colored eye shadow or eye liner but with matte or tinted lip gloss.

  • 9


    This here shows you’ve got nothing to hide, nothing to prove, nothing to show, take  me as I am or leave me. A total “badass” approach to anything and to anyone. There are no makeup to highlight anything, or simple plain outfits, maybe white, grey, or black, however this goes. It shows one that doesn’t care or notice anything.

  • 10

    Moods fluctuate so feel free to mix up lipstick shades to really express yourself. Do not be afraid to add two  different shades of lipsticks, one on top and the other below. Practice in front of a mirror to perfect your look. But remember to use your lipstick shades to empower you, which is the truth for all make up and accessories, including lipstick.

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