How to Put Make Up On

Natural beauty, it is sort of an adorableness on a woman. If you have natural beauty, you do not need to have anything else. However, if you do not have it, then do not worry at all, as there are many beauty products to make you beautiful. Your overall look captures the attention of the people around you; therefore, make sure to apply makeup in a right way for gorgeous results. There is a long list of beauty products, which are easily available in the beauty stores. However, applying these beauty items in a proper manner is an art due to which requires proper practice.

Things Required:

Eye Shadow Brushes
Blush Brush
Face Powder
Face powder sponge
Waterproof Mascaras
Lip Gloss
Lip balm
Eye Shadow
Lip liner
Water spray
Moisturizing cream
Foundation stick
Cake eyeliner
Eyeliner pencil
Doom brush


  • 1

    Start your makeup with hydrating your face thoroughly. You can hydrate your face skin by cleansing with a good quality milky cleanser. Gently massage your face in upward round strokes for few minutes.

  • 2

    Gently wash out the cleanser and spray your face with cold water.

  • 3

    Now, apply a fine quality moisturizing cream to your face and massage gently until your skin absorbs it thoroughly.

  • 4

    Grab a concealer that is lighter than your foundation cream or stick and dot it on the blemishes, blue veins, or under-eye dark circles. Now, blend the concealer with your fingertips, face brush, or a makeup sponge. For further guide, you can check out How to Remove Under Eye Dark Circles Using Concealer.

  • 5

    Now, apply a foundation cream or stick that completely matches the color of your skin. You can use a makeup sponge to apply it or you can use your fingers as well. Do not forget to apply foundation to your neck as well. If you have dry skin, then simply check out How to Apply Foundation on Dry Skin.

  • 6

    Now, do your eyebrows to give them a neat look. Learn How to Remove Unwanted Eyebrow Hairs and How to Tame Unruly Eyebrows.

  • 7

    Next is the application of eye makeup. Check out How to Apply Eye Makeup. If you like dark eye makeup in multiple shades, then learn How to Apply Eyeshadow. However, the trend of Smokey eye makeup is ruling the fashion world now days. Therefore, get an idea How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow and How to Do Arabic Smokey Eye Makeup.

  • 8

    Choose cake eyeliner or the liquid one and gently apply it to your upper eyelid, starting from the outer corner of your lash line to the other end of the eye. If you are using cake eyeliner, then apply it with a thin liner brush.

  • 9

    If you have thin eyelashes, then do not forget to apply the artificial eyelashes before you apply the eyeliner.

  • 10

    Now, grab an eyeliner pencil and line your lower lid below the lashes, lining only the outer two-thirds of your lower lid.

  • 11

    It is the time to apply mascara in order to give final touch to your eye makeup. Apply mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes to highlight them properly. Learn How to Apply Mascara to Long Lashes.

  • 12

    Apply blush. Take a large or medium doom brush, swirl it in any of your favorite blush, and apply it to your cheeks in upward strokes. If you have round face, then check out Guide to Apply Blush on Round Face.

  • 13

    Apply a lip balm, sealer, or primer in order to hydrate your lips for long-term results.

  • 14

    Line you lips completely with a lip liner, and apply any of your favorite lipstick color that matches your eye shadow or skin tone. Go through theĀ Guide to Match Your Lipstick with Eyeshadow. Top you lipstick with a translucent lip-gloss to give them a nice look. However, you can also use shimmer glitter gloss, colored gloss or a pot gloss.

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