How to Put Blush On

Putting blush on is an art that gives a tint and life to your cheeks. Moreover, appropriately applied blush on boosts your overall look. Therefore, you can bring vivacity and a freshness to the face with a slight sweep up of blush on. Basically, blush on is available in powder and cream form. However, powder blush is considered quit easy to apply while cream takes time but moisturizes your face. The application of blush on depends on your face structure. Thus, knowing the structure of your cheekbone is essential to getting a nice look with the blush on.

Things you will need to Put Blush On:
– Blush
– Blush Brushes
– Kabuki brush
– Mirror
– Face Sponge


  • 1

    Put blush on oval face

    An oval face shape is thought to be the most balanced to apply blush on. Therefore, if you are blessed with an oval face, you can get away with the given below blush application to get an eye-catching look.

    Take medium or large brush and dip it in the selected blush pan in order to cover its tip with the blush.

    Too heavily applied blush can give a clownish look. Therefore, tap off the overloaded blush of the brush by lightly drumming it over your free hand.

    Now, place the brush on the apple of your cheeks and apply it way down diagonally.  Make sure not to go more down than the top of your upper lip.

    Reduce the firmness of your blush application on your way to the temple of your face, the side of the head behind your eyes. Try to apply enough blushes on the apple of your cheeks.

    Grab a kabuki brush and buff the entire area of your cheek bones where you have previously applied the blush in order to get a perfect blush on your oval face.

  • 2

    Put blush on round face

    A good number of women with round faces like to slenderize it. Now if you really want to give the illusion of a thinner face, Apply Blush on your Round Face.

  • 3

    Put blush on Square Face

    Square face shape is the one in which your jaws are a four-sided figure and your forehead is physically powerful. Thus, the application of blush to such a spacious and wide chinned face requires proper hold on the required beauty products.

    Now, if you have a square face shape, dip your brush in a blush according to your skin tone and apply it in a diagonal way on your cheekbone but go only half way down. Shade the curves of your forehead with the remaining blush on your brush for a more elegant look.

    For a natural look, apply the blush directly to the apples of your cheeks in circular pattern. Blend it well for a few seconds until you get the desired look

  • 4

    Put blush on Heart Face

    Applying blush on the heart face is the most daunting task as such face structure has to be softened tactically and turned to an oval shape.

    Take a small blush brush or a kabuki brush and apply the blush to the outermost edge of your cheekbone and go downwardly and inwardly. Make sure not to go beyond the vertical level with the outer corner of your eye while applying it inwardly. Now, go back to the starting point of your cheekbone and apply the remaining blush in upward position, covering the temples of your face.

    Note: Do not make the mistake of applying the blush in an inclined direction as it gives a thin and faded look to your heart face.

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