How To Apply Evening Makeup

Evening makeup is a very important part of woman’s social life. However, there is a certain method to it and for a fantastic look every step should be carefully performed.


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    Apply a good foundation

    The first step for applying evening makeup is laying down a foundation. Select a foundation that matches the colour of your skin tone. If you want more colour then add bronzers at the end of the process. Apply the foundation evenly on your skin and a good way to do that is to use a good foundation brush.

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    Use a moisturizer

    The next step is to use a moisturizer. Make sure that you use a good moisturizer because it will help the foundation to level up on the skin more evenly and will also protect the skin.

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    Apply Lip Colour

    Next comes the process of applying of lip liner. It gives a nice shape to the lips. It is followed by the application of lip colour and finally gloss.

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    Apply Eye Makeup

    The first thing we want to do while decorating the eyes is that we put a little bit of colour to the brows. It evens out the colour in the brow. Then we will put an eye shadow colour. First we will apply the base colour. Use a medium shade in the lower lid and then a counter colour in the crease. Once we are done with that use an eye liner followed by mascara.

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    Apply Eye Shadow

    Use three different colours for eye shadow. First use the light colour which will act as a base. It goes all the way from the eyelashes to the brow and helps. The second colour is used on the lower lid. We use it from the eyelashes all the way upto the crease. The third shade known as the contour colour will go into the crease of the eye. Use a regular eye shadow brush for application.

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    Apply powder

    Set the foundation with powder. Use a flat head brush, put it into the powder, and knock the powder down into the bristles so that only small powder comes out. Lightly stipple the brush onto the skin.

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    Apply the blush

    There are a lot of different ways in which you can apply the blush. If the face is round, you can apply the blush in a C-shape. Apply the blush horizontally in case of a long face.

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