How to Apply Bronzer for Your Wedding Day Makeup

According to the definition, “Bronzer is a cosmetic ointment used to give the skin a tanned look.” This is perhaps the most important cosmetic for the brides, who can’t afford anything to go wrong on their wedding day.

Wedding is surely the most important occasion for every woman. And therefore, every lady wants to look not good but very good with her new husband. When it comes to wedding day makeup, bronzer carries great importance.

A lot of coloured women feel that why would they use a bronzer when they are already dark. But they must realise that this is a multipurpose cosmetic. Bronzer plays a big role when it comes to get a sun-kissed complexion.

Moreover, if you face has any dark spots or patches, there is no solution, but bronzer. It evens the colour of the entire skin, and gives a great natural glow. Wedding makeup is truly not an easy thing to do. A lot of women hire specialists, but some cannot afford such services.

If you are doing wedding makeup at home, you surely need to learn how to apply bronzer. Even a few makeup professionals fail to give the bride a gorgeous look, because they don’t know how or where to apply bronzer.


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    First of all, choose a bronzer according the tone of your skin, preferably a few shades darker than your real skin. It is always better to test it on clean skin, making sure that it does not make you look fake.

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    Now brush it across the forehead, and all across the jaw. You have to be very specific about the quantity of bronzer you are applying. Many people usually have darker face than neck, because the sun does not hit the lower portion of the face directly. So, make sure the skin right from forehead to neck has the same tone.

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    Those who don’t have visible cheek bones can make them easy to find by applying a little extra bronzer. After finishing the cheeks, put a little bit on the nose and forehead.

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    After applying the bronzer, you must move on to blush, making sure that it matches the lipstick. For instance, you cannot afford to have a beautiful berry blush and then an orange lipstick. There is no need to overdue the blush.

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    After applying the bronzer, you need to check it in daylight. You can always use a cotton pad, if you feel that too much bronzer is applied. Applying a little more base powder would also be useful.

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