How to Enhance Blue Eyes

For centuries blue eyes have been considered as the symbol of fertility and beauty. Although it is a recessive gene, it still can get passed from one generation to the other. Blue eyes are common in the western world as opposed to the east. While people with blue eyes are in the minority, actors and actresses prefer to use blue coloured lenses to enhance their looks in front of the camera. If you have blue eyes then keep reading this article to learn how to enhance them.

Things Required:

– Light Coloured Clothing
– Fair Skin Tone
– Blond Hair (hair dyes)
– Eyeliner (white, brown)
– Eye Shadow (brown)
– Eyelash Curler
– Mascara (brown)


  • 1

    The first thing is the selection of your clothes, light colours enhance blue eyes. If you want people to notice the beauty of your blue eyes it is recommended that you wear shades of yellow and white. You can also add blue and purple colours to your wardrobe as these colours also complement blue eyes.

  • 2

    Stay out of the sun, as tanned skin is not good for blue eyes, people will notice you when you are tan but not for your eyes. So if you want to tone your skin do it artificially or stay in the sun only for a while so that you do not lose the fairness of your skin.

  • 3

    Blue eyes look best with blond hair, so if you are a natural blond then you are in luck and if not then try colouring your hair. Even for a natural blond you should colour your hair for an even blonder look.

  • 4

    You need to frame your eyes by grooming your eyebrows which can be done by waxing. You need to place a wax strip on the skin and rub towards where your eyebrow hairs grow and then pull the strip back quickly. Continue till the time you achieve the desired results. You can then remove the wax with wipes.

  • 5

    Making your eyes look bigger enhances their appearance and for this you need to apply white eyeliner on the edges of the bottom lid. Also, apply brown eyeliner on the outer edges as this colour complements the blue in your eyes.

  • 6

    You also need to apply brown eye shadow which will help in bringing out the blue in your eyes.

  • 7

    It is recommended that you curl your eyelashes and apply brown mascara as it will make your eyes appear larger.

  • 8

    Over-done makeup is a major flop; your objective should be to make your eyes more prominent and not to hide them with too much makeup.

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