How to Apply Foundation on Dry Skin

There are several types of skin textures, but the most common ones are the oily, dry and the combination skin. Every skin type has some issues in applying makeup, but if you follow few techniques then it will be quite easy for you to maintain a fresh look. It is really hard to apply a foundation on dry skin, especially in winters when your skin becomes rough and chapped.

If you follow few convenient techniques then you can easily apply makeup in all sorts of weathers. You just have to be sure which product suits you and which is non ideal for your skin.


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    Due to dryness your skin loses its original texture, so you have to get your skin prepared before you apply makeup. No matter how expensive the makeup is, it will not do justice with your skin until an appropriate item which suits your skin is used.

    Don’t forget to remove dead cells from your skin. The proper method of getting rid of dead cells is by exfoliating.

    Daily exfoliation will become beneficial for you because if you do not remove the dead skin, it will give a weird look when you will put on makeup. Never forget to apply moisturiser, even if the nature of your skin is dry.

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    Take few drops of makeup primer and apply it all over your face, do not neglect your neck at any point. Makeup primer is a lotion which is used to fill in the open pores of the skin.

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    While putting on any sort of lotion or beauty product on you face, remember that the direction of application should be upwards.

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    After primer makeup you will choose an appropriate foundation that goes with your skin tone and dot it all over your face.

    Take a sponge and smoothly blend the foundation, do not vigorously rub the sponge on your skin it might cause irritation.

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    When you are done with your foundation, conceal the unwanted spots appearing on your skin with the help of a concealer.

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    After completing your base which includes foundation and concealers you can complete your look by applying blush on and eye colours with a suitable shade of lipstick.

    If you daily cleanse your face before going to bed you will always be ready to put on makeup or else you will end up with an odd look.

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