Choosing The Right Lipstick For The First Date

The first date, is one of the scariest moment for individuals, be it a romantic date, official date and any other date, as the first date is like the first impression. People worry about the other things like the hair, dress, shoe and forget the reason why there might not be a second date due to one mistake, an overlooked matter, the lipstick.

As shocking as it is, it is true. Most women put on a certain color (preferably Red) on the first date and see it ideal as such, but that could be the stumbling block to be called for the second time, for some others, it’s quite the opposite depending on the individual. One can’t be sure on whether to play it safe or to be adventurous. Here are the few colored lipstick that can make or break you or both!


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    This Lipstick shows you are sexy, passionate, confident. This shade puts you in an extremely hot position to the guy especially if you felt a sexy tensioned filled vibe from the individual then red is the color to go, but if it is a blind date or you are unsure and you put on a red, you might be sending the wrong signals or mixed signals in all. If you are a natural red lipstick lover and putting other shades put you off, then red is the one to go for, regardless, it’s the individual behind that shade of red that matters. And red wearers can keep the night interesting. But other than that, follow thy instincts.

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    It might look good on you, but you might appear closed of, sending signals that might you not want to reveal too much or anything at all, and this could be a spoiler on your first date. You could also change up and spark up the night, lipstick aren’t the only test on that day.

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    It shows you are playful and cheerful and just want to have fun, more laughter  and a good conversation. Also you could strike as one that is just in for fun of it and sees how it goes, you also exude a childlike innocence that might win you a second date or not. As your date would see you as one that is not ready to be in a relationship or childish if he is looking for someone serious, other than that it might be one of the most interesting date nights for the both of you. For some pink wearers, they might also be showcasing a test on their own, and that pink lips might be a mask and if one is not up to task, they might receive the pink slip. (basically means you’re fired, nobody wants a dull face around)

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    The Adventurous one, something about this one gives you the need to be on your toes, it will either be heated night or a calm one, and none of it is her fault, as she exudes a form of energy that can only be oozing out sexy allure and demure, regality, that you would be “forced” to be a gentleman (unconsciously Ofcourse), or the total opposite, fun, wild and downright sexy. Steaming and intelligent conversations will make up for this night. It is a win, win whatever sides that is being exhibited or a loss loss on whatever side as well. Strike a balance here.

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    This shade says it all, it’s either you’re in for the fun of it or you just want to make a statement and its definitely not for the interest of the man. It is a bold daring move, more like, let’s see where this goes, before I even give you a thought. Most times it is a call back from both parties, who doesn’t want to sit with the lady with the orange lipstick  for a night of intrigue and drama, as much as it is not the right lipstick for the occasion especially the orange, but any man would be impressed or put off. So whatever one is planning on this occasion should be thought well, it’s a onetime opportunity after all, but who is worried?

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    Everyone generates a good vibe from an individual, and whatever you sense will influence your dressing choice and your lipstick choice. It is important to be aware of the place you are going to, so you can dress and look appropriately to help as a guideline. Also sometimes the lipstick might make you and not break you, all you need is  to go with what you feel is good for you, Mother nature’s   instinct are always right after all. Trust them.

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