How to Make your Lips Appear Bigger

Plump voluptuous lips are currently quite trendy and all the rage. Using some natural methods, you can for a time being, increase the size of your lips without surgery. Be aware of the fact that all these products are natural and will not cause any harm to your lips. Follow some simple tricks to make your lips seem bigger than they actually are.

Things Required:

– Petroleum jelly
– Olive oil
– Lip liner
– Clean toothbrush
– Lip gloss or lipstick (color of choice)
– Clear shimmer lip gloss


  • 1

    Keep your face and lips clean

    Regularly wash your face and be sure to check that your lips are clean. Pat them dry and put on some petroleum jelly. Make sure that lips are fully coated with the jelly. If you do not like jelly and prefer something else, you can use olive oil instead.

  • 2

    Take good care of the lips before applying products

    Get a clean toothbrush and simply brush your lips with it once every week. Know that the brushing movement increases blood flow to the lips and in turn makes them bigger. Try not to brush too hastily or else you might end up hurting your lips or making them sore. You will probably feel an itching sensation when you brush your lips, so do not get alarmed. On the other hand, you can put on more petroleum jelly or olive oil if you think that your lips are dry. Remember brushing the lips in this way will also take away any chapped or dry skin.

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    Further instructions

    Put on the lip liner that you like on the very outer edge of your lips. Try not to draw the line on the face or on the edge where your lips and the nearby skin coincide. Select the lip gloss colour or lipstick that is your favourite and put it on your lips. By applying a colour that is a couple of shades darker than your lip liner will make the them appear bigger as well. In addition to this, apply a bit of clear shimming lip gloss on the centre section of the bottom lip to make final touches.

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