How to Cover Up a Fat Lip

A fit lip is usually a result of damaged tissue that may be caused by various reasons. This can occur at several instances like playing sports and getting hit in that area with the ball, falling down or anything that applies unnecessary pressure on the lips. It does not only have to do with such pressure, but can also be a result of hormones overreacting as many people have to face it right out of bed in the morning as well.

A bug bite and pimple may also result in a fat lip, which is why covering it up becomes all that more important, especially when you have to go to a special occasion.

Things Required:

– A small mirror or large one
– Ice Cubes
– Wash Cloth
– Lip Balm (Most preferably medical)


  • 1

    Check the Swelling

    Sometimes, the fat lip may not have been caused by unnecessary pressure on the lips. It may also be the cause of an infection or wound in the inside of your mouth in and around the surrounding areas. If you see that this actually is the case and does not go away after a couple of days, visiting the doctor becomes crucial to treating it early without having it spread.

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    Bring in the Ice Cubes

    Making your own cold pack is a great way to reduce the swelling, which has been caused by inflamed tissues in the lips. The lips are obviously a very sensitive part of your body and applying ice cubes, wrapped in a cloth, is a great way to reduce that inflammation. Apply it for at least five to 10 minutes, if not longer, or until you notice a gradual reduction in the swelling.

    After this, your fat lip should not be that fat anymore.

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    Medical Lip Balm

    After trying the cold pack made of ice, try using a medical lip balm, which can be prescribed by a medical practitioner and can also be found over the counter. These lip balms can also be used to treat cuts on the lip, which should not be applied any sort of makeup or regular lip balms.

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    It will obviously take time for the fat lip to heal, but eventually it will. If you need to really cover it up really well due to the need of attending an important occasion, than makeup is a great solution to covering it. Make sure that there are no cuts involved and you can apply lip balm and gloss it a bit to cover it up real good.

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