How to Treat a Blood Blister in Mouth

Blood blisters in the mouth appear as red bumps filled with fluid. These blisters can happen on any part of the body but the mouth is usually vulnerable because of the delicate tissue.  They are a result of skin disturbance like pinching and accidental biting by the teeth which damages the blood vessels. These blisters can also be caused through use of retainers and braces and even due to the use of sharp cutlery.  They can cause discomfort and pain whenever they come in contact with the teeth or the tongue. They eventually disappear on their own but take time and remain susceptible to infections. There are several simple remedies for getting rid of these blisters quickly and get relieved of the constant discomfort.


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    Pinching the outer skin layer can be quite painful. So your first instinct will be to reduce this pain. Applying a cold compress to the area makes it numb and reduces the pain. You can place an ice cube directly over the blisters for immediate effect. This will subside the pain and allow you to work on the blister.

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    If the pain does not go away with the cold compress, take a pain killer to get rid of it.  Painkillers like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin) can help you get relief. Antiviral gels can also be applied to the blisters to ease the pain and get rid of them.

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    The area with blisters gets very sensitive because it is a small wound. You have to avoid salty and spicy foods that irritates this area until the blister disappears. Avoid pickles and crackers during this period. Use of forks can also aggravate the blisters and pop them to bleed. Avoid anything that is pointed and can disturb the blisters. Eat soft foods instead of raw hard ones. Take a break from acidic juices like citrus and lime that can irritate the sensitive area.

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    Crush a small piece of garlic and place it on the blisters. Garlic not only helps in getting rid of the blisters but also discourages growth of any bacteria on them. It is a natural germ killer and very effective against herpes in the mouth. Another remedy you can use is to apply a slice of fresh ginger to the infected area. Ginger reduces inflammation and swelling and can soothe the blisters down.

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