How to Brush Your Teeth without a Toothbrush

Have you ever gone to a trip where you have forgotten your toothbrush? Or have you visited a friend’s place, where you forgot to take a toothbrush along. It is hard to brush your teeth without a toothbrush, but it’s not impossible. You should know the tips and tricks involved and it will really help you get through this trying time.

Try to find suitable ways to clean your teeth. In case you don’t know of any, you know that water will really help. Therefore, rinse your mouth and try to forcefully swish water through areas where it is necessary.


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    Paper towel

    You can use a wet paper towel to get things done. Take a paper towel, make it wet, but make sure that it is not too wet. Just keep your hands try and try to rub the paper towel on your teeth. It will make them, as the famous singer Rihanna would say it: “Shine bright like a diamond.”

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    Use your finger to clean your teeth. It is not rocket science when it comes to using your finger instead of your toothbrush. Just grab some paste on your finger and rub it on your teeth. Just make sure that you are doing it right. It is almost like a tooth brush, but it is without a brush. Moreover, put your finger in places where it is most required. It will really help you clean your teeth.

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    Rub your tongue over your teeth. However, this step is usually done after you have already used the first two steps. Your tongue will just help you rub areas where it is most required. Try to rub your tongue over your teeth and it will really help you clean them for that particular time period.

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    Rinse your mouth with water. If you have mouthwash available, think that you are in paradise. A mouthwash will not only help you clean your teeth; in fact, it will also help you avoid bad-breath. Therefore, try to look for a mouthwash in case you do not have your toothbrush. Then rinse your mouth with the mouthwash, or even water if the mouthwash in unavailable.

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    If you don’t have anything, then floss will do the trick. It will help you clean your teeth perfectly and you should know how to use it, or you will end up hurting your gums. Therefore, be careful while you use floss, but it is a trick that will really help you shine your teeth brightly.

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