Matte vs Glossy Lipstick

Lipstick is a universal product, and is simply a must-have for most women. It is the fastest makeup enhancer, capable of making a face go from regular to “hello red carpet”. But what kind of lipstick really does the magic? The kind of lipstick you put on should be determined by the kind of occasion you are attending and the kind of people you will be meeting.

Using the right lipstick can do wonders for your appearance, but which lipstick type is best? In the Fashion world there are two main types of cosmetics: matte and glossy. Which is better when it comes to lipstick? Read on to learn  more about these two types of lipstick, and you’ll be able to decide for yourself.


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    Glossy Lipstick

    This is probably the first kind of lipstick we ever laid on our lips as little girls. They are shiny, and give one this youthful look. It has this natural feel to it, and totally blends in and gives your face this vibrant look without attracting too much attention.

    It lasts for a long period of time and doesn't take long to apply. Some come in sticky formulas, and some other brands are less sticky. Generally, it gives a moist and shiny look which scores well with most users.

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    Matte Lipstick

    This invention has changed the fashion world since its advent. It is dry and fits the lips like it came with your face. The advantage of this kind of lipstick is that, whatever shade of matte you apply on your face will accentuate your look.

    It is a classy type of lipstick for any color, and even the nude color does the job of light make up over the face, which enhances the beauty of the face and creates that: “you just know something is different about her face but you don't what” kind of effect. Unlike its smudgy, moist, sticky younger sister, matte is dry and gives a mature vibe.

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    There is no harm in experimenting and trying new things. Who knows? You might just change your life after applying a different kind of make up, after all fashion is about daring the impossibles.

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