How to Choose the Best Lipstick Color

There is nothing more attractive than the lips of a beautiful woman. What can be found in the women’s handbag? Yes, a lipstick for sure but the correct choice of color for your lips depends on the harmony of lipstick and all the relative make-up used for the external appearance.

Women, who do not even use any other means of make-up, always carry lipstick or lip gloss along with them. We should consider the appearance and other features of the face before buying a product for lips.

Well, lipstick is a necessity. So, we should pay special attention towards its selection.


  • 1

    Visit the shop with a large selection of different brands of cosmetics. Ask the consultant to help you choose the lipstick. If you do not like the result, do not hesitate to say so.

  • 2

    Buy wine lipstick and pastel tones, if you have a dark skin. For light skin use light pink, light coral and beige shades. As a general rule, you should match the skin tone with the shade of the lipstick.

  • 3

    For the choice of lipstick colour, pay special attention to the colour of your teeth. It is preferable you use a natural pink, light red or reddish hue if you have whitish teeth.  Complement lipstick with saturated colours and discreet natural make-up.

  • 4

    Remember your age before buying any product. It is suitable to put light shades of lipsticks for young girls and bright colours for young women.

  • 5

    Increase the visual size of the lips by using a light lipstick. Keep in mind that the pearly lipstick will not only increase the size of the lips but also make more apparent defects that are visible.

  • 6

    Choose different shades of lipstick according to time of day and type of occasion. It is recommended to use neutral shades of medium intensity or gloss for lips at day time. Use dark colors for the evening.

  • 7

    In the daytime, at work or on a business meeting, choose dark shades on your lips. Blondes can use perfect shades of pink and red. Brunettes should choose red, lilac, chocolate, plum or dark red and brown while red-haired ladies should use coral, plum, brown, or dark colour lipstick.

  • 8

    If your lips are naturally plump, use a matte lipstick. Women with thin lips are not recommended matte lipstick. Women with plump lips, on the contrary, should not be use wet gloss.

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