How to Control Bleeding After Tooth Extraction

Most people suffer from severe bleeding after tooth extraction and it is important that you should take the necessary steps to stop it. Undoubtedly, some underestimate the importance of getting rid of the bleeding and repent later on as unlike other injuries, bleeding from a tooth extraction can be severe and very irritating. However, if proper care is taken at the right time, it can be easily controlled and the headache can be easily eliminated. Follow some of these different ways to help stop the bleeding after a tooth extraction.

Things Required:

– Ice Pack


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    Locate the spot

    The most important thing in controlling your bleeding after a tooth extraction is by identifying the origin of the bleeding. For this, you can simply check the area from where your tooth was extracted but it can be a little tricky. For this, you will definitely need the help of someone, who will look into your mouth and tell you from where the blood flow is coming. You can also try and look at it in the mirror but when the bleeding is severe, it is very difficult for a person to do this.

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    Rinse mouth

    An effective way to reduce the bleeding after a tooth extraction is to gently rinse your mouth with cold water. Be sure that it is not too cold but just enough to provide some relief. Remember, you need to spit out all of the water as it will have blood in it and you do not want to swallow it. Take your time and do not be very forceful while rinsing your mouth out as you do not want to irritate the area where the tooth was extracted from.

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    Use pack of ice

    A pack of ice is one of the quickest ways of reducing swelling and bleeding. This method is recommended by most doctors as it is easy and very effective. If the bleeding is not under control the make a pack by putting some ice in a bag and place it on the side of your mouth that had the tooth extraction. You must press the area with the pack of ice for a few minutes and the bleeding will stop.

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