How to Make Lip Balm with Vaseline

Making a lip balm at home is one of those girlish activities that not only gives a girl a style of her own choice but also saves money. Once you learn to make a lip balm, you can make as many lip balms of your choice at home. The soothing lip balms are prepared with Vaseline and also it wont take you longer to prepare it especially when you are readily equipped with all the supplies.

The balm we will prepare here will also contain a pinch of mint essence to give the balm more soothing effect. So are you ready to prepare this super soothing balm with an amazing touch of mint? Let’s get started but first take a look at the things that are needed to prepare it.


– Knife or Cutter
– Small Spoon
– Glossy Lipstick (of any of your favorite color)
– Vaseline
– Toothpick
– Old Lip Balm Bottle (to add the prepared lip balm)
– Mint Essence (or any other flavor of your choice)


  • 1

    Take the lipstick and cut off its head with the help of knife. Cut the lipstick by holding the knife in a slanting way so that the shape of the lipstick is maintained. Although you cannot get the exact shape back but cutting the lipstick in this way will still make it convenient to apply it on the lips.

  • 2

    With the help of a spoon, scoop out some Vaseline from your Vaseline bottle or jar. Take out as much amount as your container can contain.

  • 3

    Now that you have cut off the head of the lipstick, put that in the lip balm container along with the Vaseline and the essence of your choice to give the balm some flavor. Mix it thoroughly with a tooth pick until the Vaseline takes the color of the lipstick.

    Now transfer it into the bottle and enjoy the flavorsome balm. Apply it to your lips and stay cool!

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