How to Wear Orange Lipstick

An orange lipstick not only gives softer look, but also gives a sexy appearance. Women wear an orange lipstick for formal events or family gatherings. No matter what colour you are wearing, the orange lipstick gives you a sober appearance.

It also makes you different from others women at the party. Those who are tired of wearing typical pick or red shades, the orange one should be their top priority.

However, one should be aware of how to apply an orange lipstick otherwise it will look quite weird.


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    Preparation, of course, is an extremely important step. Even an expensive lipstick will look terrible, if there are any hair above your lips. Sometimes, women ignore facial hair, because it is not apparent.

    Remember, facial hair is not invisible, even though it is not quite apparent. No man would appreciate a woman with moustache. Even if there are tiny hair buds, wax the area above your lips.

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    Make Your Teeth White

    Sparkling white teeth make a massive difference. A lot of beauticians advise the blond ladies not to wear an orange shade, because it may make their teeth look yellow. However, if you have white teeth, there is hardly anything to worry about.

    On the other hand, you are supposed to forget the orange shade, if your teeth are even a little yellow. Since you don’t have the time to visit your dentist, use a little white soda and lemon juice to bleach your teeth at home.

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    Choose the Right Shade

    Now that you are done with the preparations, it is the time to get to the real business. Choosing the right shade of an orange lipstick is the most important part. You can take help from your friends in selecting the one that compliments your dress and skin tone.

    The peach shade is recommended for those who have an English rose feel to their skin. Similarly, women with olive skin should show interest in mild-orange lipstick. Any orange shade will look beautiful on darker skin.

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    Correct application

    Applying lipstick correctly is not a new to any lady, as she would have been doing this for years.

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    The orange lipstick may look awesome, but everything will look awful if the rest of the makeup is not fine. Using black mascara is a good trick. For an exotic look, use a pencil to do cat eyes. There is no need to overdo the makeup with orange lipstick.

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