How to Get Bigger Lips without Surgery

Every woman wants to have plump lips, which are so like men. Nowadays, plastic surgeons can work wonders and can increase the volume of the lips by giving them a charming swelling. However, this does not guarantee satisfaction to all women because there are plenty of non-surgical methods now available for lip augmentation.

Eyes and lips grab the attention of people. Knowing this, women wants to visually enlarge the lips to look more attractive. It turns out that you can augment the lips without surgery by using folk remedies and with the help of decently done makeup.


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    You can enlarge the lips with the right make-up and well-chosen lipstick. Before you starting applying any make up, outline the lips with the help of a pencil. Form a natural border. The tone of the pencil must be lighter than the colour of the lips. It is desirable to match the tone of your pencil colour with your face as well.

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    Take a lip liner to match the lipstick and apply it first to the upper lip gently. The lip liner must be applied from the corners to the centre.

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    Take help from a professional makeup artist before circling the lower lip. Get the "shadow", which will also give an additional bulge to the lower lip.

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    Use visual lipstick lip augmentation of two types - a matte or glossy, depending on the colour of the hair. If you have brown hair, you need to use a matte lipstick. Blondes can use glossy or light pink material. Lightly powder the lips before you apply it.

  • 5

    Pull your lips strongly ahead with mouth slightly opened. Then make the lips tightly closed to relax the muscles of the face.

    Stretch your lips little forward and rapidly exhale in the position. Exhale like if you are blowing out some candles.

    Take a deep breath and inflate the cheeks. In this process, fold the lips to form a tube. Exhale air slowly and stop the process with a jerk in the end.

    Try to pronounce the sounds of A-and-O-U after a deep inhalation. As a result of this movement lips should vibrate.

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