How to Create the Appearance of Fuller Lips

Fuller lips add to your overall facial makeup and look, as they are gorgeous and kissable. Unluckily, majority of us are not blessed with fuller lips like Angelina Jolie. Many options are available nowadays when it comes to making your lips fuller, including Botox injections and plastic surgeries etc. However, we cannot ignore the fact that most of these methods are both painful and expensive or very time consuming. For all those of us who cannot afford or who feel that the painful needle experience isn’t their best friend, some simple makeup techniques are available to create the appearance of fuller mouth/lips. These methods are simple to perform, cost-effective, beautiful to carry and do not involve any pain.

Things Required:

– Foundation Stick or Liquid Foundation
– Thin Eyeshadow brush
– Shimmery Pearl-coloured Powder
– Lip-Liner
– Lip-Gloss
– Tissue Paper


  • 1

    Apply foundation

    Take a fine quality liquid foundation and apply a pin-sized amount of it right above the center of your upper lip.

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  • 2

    Blend it

    Now use one of your clean finger tips to blend it in a downward motion in order to prevent your lips’ pores from appearing larger. Try your best to blend it perfectly so that it matches with rest of your face complexion so that you don't leave a make-up line.

  • 3

    Apply Shimmery Powder

    Select a clean and dry thin eyeshadow brush and dip its tip into a small bit of shimmery/glittery pearl-coloured powder. Now dab it right above the  center of your top lip, where you previously dabbed the foundation cream. It acts as a seal and helps the foundation cream stay in place for a longer period of time instead of spreading or melting off.

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  • 4

    Line Your Lips

    Now line your lips, avoiding thinning them on the inner side.  All you have to do is, use a lip-liner to make a very thin line all across the outer side (outline) of both upper and lower lip. It helps in creating an effect that your lips are broad and fuller. Bad your lips with a tissue paper to remove excess of lip-liner and to create a more natural look.

  • 5

    Apply Lipstick

    Now apply a thin layer of your favourite lipstick, covering the applied lip-liner and blend it well, using your finger tip.

  • 6

    Apply Lip Gloss

    Clean your finger tip with tissue paper and top the lipstick with a tinted lip gloss in order to give a more dramatic finishing touch to your fuller lips. Enjoy!

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