How to Fix Teeth in Photos

Ever wondered why some people never laugh in their photos? Well the obvious answer to your query is that these people have crooked or unsightly teeth which they know would ruin the photograph. Your teeth may look normal in real life, but every flaw is more pronounced in photographs. However, thanks to computers and software, your troubles can be fixed by some digital dental work before you place that picture in a memorable album.


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    The first thing in order to fix your teeth in photos is to have the pictures digitised, so that they can be viewed on a computer. You can either get them scanned or have them taken by a digital camera which will make it easier to transfer the photos to your computer.

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    The second thing which you need is a registered version of a photo editing software. You need to select the photo you want to work on through this editor.

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    It is recommended that you make a copy of this photo and work on that while the original photo remains untouched.

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    For a better view you need to zoom in on the area you want to work on.

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    Once you have a clear view of the teeth which need some fixing, you need to select the cloning tool. You now have to define the spot on the tooth which you wish to fix.

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    Using the software you need to clone the portions of the teeth which are not crooked. For instance, if you want to repair a broken edge of a tooth then you need to clone the edge of a tooth which is perfect.

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    If the results from the cloning are not according to your desire you can use the paintbrush for repairs. It is recommended that you use the dropper tool for selecting matching colours.

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    If you want the teeth to be whiter or just need to clean stained teeth then it is suggested that you make use of the dodge tool. However, do not dodge too much as it will wash out the teeth completely.

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    You can also use the sponge tool to whiten yellowed teeth.

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