How to Match Your Lipstick with Eyeshadow

You would never want to become the center of attention with a pastry face right?? Especially beginners who love to put on makeup, but they are not sure, which is the perfect shade that will make their look extravagant or what will make them look weird. They should have enough know how about the various shades and the proper method of mixing and matching colours.

There was a time when putting on darker shades on your eye as well as using a hot colour lipstick was quite in, but now a days this 80’s look is so out of fashion.

Your eyes will never compliment your lips or other way around until you understand the proper contrast.


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    The main thing before applying the makeup is to judge what exactly the occasion is. Whether it’s a dinner or you are going out for lunch, a formal function or you are hanging out with friends, the nature of makeup should never be ignored.

    The main thing in makeup after a proper base is the eye shadows and the lipstick. You have to be very careful while selecting the proper shade.

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    If you have a hot tone on your eyes never go for a darker shade lipstick. Particularly in day time events, prefer warm shades on eyes and a soothing light coloured lipstick.

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    Eyes are the main features of your face, which can easily gather attention if they are enhanced properly.

    If you prefer to have a crazy look eyes with shades of black and other warm colours, put on light shades like badge and light brown or you can wear light shades of pink, peach or any other neutral tone, it depends upon your complexion but avoid dark hues.

    This will help you in enriching your beautiful eyes.

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    If you want to portray an innocent look wear light tones on eyes, as well as on lips, but a good quality of gloss will make your look complete and perfect.

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    Whenever you use a lip pencil don’t forget to blend it with your lipstick it will give a very sharp and odd look.

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    Dark or warm shades lipstick will never make you look like a clown if you put on a neutral colour on your eyes. With a hot pink shade wear a very light toned colour on eyes, this will make your eyes smoothly prominent.

    The colour selection should always be sensible or else you will destroy your required look and by the way what is the use of spending money on cosmetics, if instead of making you look beautiful, they destroy your appearance.

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