Pick The Right Lipstick For The Right Occasion

Lipstick like the rest of the accessories that are out there have their distinct events that they must showcase. Just as you can’t wear jeans and shirts to a formal occasion, that’s how you must be selective in the type of lipstick you chose to wear. If you want to find out how to pick the right lipstick for the right occasion, read on.


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    Red is suited for class, glamorous events, dinners, charity events, where there are dresses and suits and lots of applauses. That is the right avenue for your red lipsticks and jewelries. Also wearing Red lipstick to the office is not ideal, that where everything is kept on the down low, except the office is an artsy kind of environment. Other than that, keep the red for the red carpets, photo shoots and all those glamor events, and late nights.

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    Tinted Lip Gloss

    This is when you are going to family events or you are going to meet the ones parent. Play it simple and low key. You don’t want to look over the top in this situation, with a nice floral dress and simple flats or a little bit of your hair let down. Make up on minimal, eyebrows on fleek, not.

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    Nude Matte lipstick

    This is the kind of lipstick you wear to the office. In this case you are conservative, nothing, loud or distracting, also very crucial for job interviews or any other interviews. Loud make up or lipstick like red, fuchsia purple or burgundy can send the wrong message, as these shades are known to be for the ones that like to stand out, bossy, confident, and sometimes not a team player, more like the team leader, but since it your first interview, strike on as a confident person, one that can blend well as well as lead, with minimal makeup. Bold colors won’t work here, leave them for the fun nights.

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    Glossy Nude Lipstick

    This shade is best for date nights, and creates room for kissable lips. Some guys are put off by the bold reds, especially on first dates, not everyone wants to be smeared with red all over them. For the others who are on the adventurous side, wouldn’t mind those shades. Most ladies play it safe and go for glossy nude, which is not bad after all.

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    This color shades and similar ones that are based under this category can be used for fashion events, high society parties, the entire lights and camera places. It is an opportunity to step out and stand out, doing that with all the bold colors of the rainbow with striking memorable and creative outfits. For events like this, the louder the better

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    This shade works for outing with your girls, those hangouts, brunch, get togethers. This lipstick shade adds a bit of fun, laughter, cheerfulness and all the things ladies do. It’s a relaxing shade, for some a light shade of lip gloss pink would do.

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    There are some lip sticks that work for every occasion. But there places you just want to fit in at times and this are the guidelines. They are not a must follow rule. You can spice up if you like, but be sure to look appropriate.

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