How to Become a Cosmetic Product Tester

Cosmetic testing does not require a qualification. It needs a bit of experience of looking for right opportunities. This can save some good money that you normally invest in your makeup each month. An ability to separate good from bad is essential for this kind of job, as bad cosmetics can be detrimental to your facial health and skin. So look out for the right quality products that are available for free testing. In addition to some saving in money from your makeup expense, there can be an opportunity to earn some extra cash as a part-timer.


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    Look For Opportunities

    You can look for cosmetics products testing opportunities in three types of resources. They are newspapers, internet and periodicals. All these channels carry advertisement of the companies or research groups looking for women volunteers to test their products. If you are a regular reader of any of these resources, there is a possibility that an advert is scanned by your eyes and you can offer your services as a testing customer. There has to be some caution observed as it is possible that some new company entering the market of consumer health might be seeking to get endorsed a lower quality product. So be careful while volunteering yourself for testing of such a product.

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    Seek More Details

    You will generally find contact details of these companies or research groups in the advertisement and the first thing you should do is to contact them via the mode they expect to receive potential volunteers' queries. It is your right to ask any relevant question you may have to know more about the testing program. You may also ask about the choices of the products that are going to be made available for testing and their content etc.

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    Testing and Feedback

    If a company or research group selects you for testing of their product, they are most likely to inform you about this decision via phone or email. The next step for them is to ship their products to your postal address for testing. The package should contain instructions how you should use these products and if there can be some side effects of them. For example, there can be information about some allergen ingredient used in manufacturing of any of the products, so you will know beforehand if you are allergic to a certain ingredient. Also, at the end of use and review of the product, you will be required to fill out a survey or review form and post them back to the group or company, describing how you felt about it.

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