How to Cure Cracks at Corner of Mouth

Some people do not take cracked corners of their mouth seriously and let them heal themselves in the due course of time, while they suffer pain, irritation and sensation. Some people take it so seriously that they withdraw themselves to be limited at home, because of the fear of embarrassment in the social circle.

The disease in any case should not be taken lightly as leaving it to heal itself is a pain and a time consuming process, and sometimes can be a cause of serious infection. Commonly known as Angular Cheilitis, Perleche or Stomitis is a skin diseases, caused by either fungal bacteria or some other reason. Some people do not refer it as a skin problem, but a bacterial infection that lives in moisture conditions. Leaving the place dry and  ventilated can help in elimination of  the bacteria and thus reducing chances of spread of angular cheilitis.

Whatever may be the causes of cracking of the mouth corners, doctors simply treat it by subscribing 1% hydro cortisone cream. However, there are many home remedies recommended that can be helpful in treating this common problem.


  • 1

    Get Rid of Moisture

    Some studies have shown that fungal bacterial that is one of the known causes of cracked mouth corners cannot live without moisture. So to eliminate bacteria, eliminate moisture in the house and you will get rid of the angular cheilitis quickly.

  • 2

    Avoid Hot Drinks

    Taking hot drinks delays the process of recovery from angular cheilitis, in fact it adds to its intensity and burning sensation. It is better to stop consuming hot drinks i.e. coffee and tea.

  • 3

    Increase Water Intake

    Dehydration is also one of the causes behind cracked mouth corners and an increase in water intake can help minimize or eliminate the problem. Water intake also reduces in cold weather and due to dry and dehydrated conditions, mouth corners crack and burn.

  • 4

    Balanced Diet

    Deficiency of iron and zinc in the diet can also cause cracks in the mouth corners and result in pain. Taking more quantity of iron and zinc in the diet can help treat the problem.

  • 5

    Natural Products

    Natural products such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E oil can help treat the problem effectively. They are easily available on the counter and a frequent use of them can help heal the corners quickly. Do not leave them to heal on their own in any case, it can make the problem even worse for you.

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