How to Make a Lip Exfoliant

A Lip Exfoliant is the best solution for removal of dead skin off your lips, leaving them soft and kissable. It is easier to make exfoliant and since it has the greater benefits, especially in the winter season when the lips are dry, hard and have dead skin on them frequently, the effort to make an exfoliant is always worth made. This helps get rid of many balms and lotions, which as a matter of fact are not as effective in removal of dead skin as the exfoliant. You can also buy it from the market but can also make your own at home.


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    Petroleum Jelly and Olive Oil

    Take a small quantity of petroleum jelly and olive oil together in a bowl. Both should be in the same quantity, and after taking into the bowl, mix them properly. You can stir them for a while with a spoon or a stick etc until they are completely mixed into each other and turn into a thick and solid paste.

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    Adding Brown Sugar

    Brown sugar is an important ingredient for the lips exfoliant. Take a small quantity of brown sugar, and mix it with the petroleum jelly and olive oil paste and stir it until sugar is dissolved into the paste completely. Since the paste is thick, mixing of sugar into it might take a while so keep on stirring until you get the desired result. Also, if you do not have access to brown sugar, you may also use white sugar. However, brown sugar is generally recommended.

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    Application of Exfoliant

    Your exfoliant is ready for use. You can use it with your pointing finger or with a brush. Take a small quantity of exfoliant on either finger or brush and put on your lower lip first, and then complete the process for other lip. Make sure you apply the exfoliant in all corners of the lips, especially deep down in the cracked parts of your mouth in the corner. You may apply a heavier coat or double coat at the place where you find more dead skin.

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    Gentle Massage

    Using the same pointing finger, you can rub or massage your lips from one corner to other corner of both lips. Do not press too hard against your lips as it will not make a difference as far as the end result is concerned. In fact, a gentle massage of lips is more helpful than the harsh rubbing. After the massage of both lips you can leave the lips untouched for a while.

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    Removal of Excessive Exfoliant

    With a corner of your towel or a small piece of cotton you can clean your lips and remove the excessive exfoliant paste. You may also then apply a balm on your lips to give them a glossy look. Now you can feel your lips more soft and touchable. They are also very smooth and kissable.

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