How to Use Dental floss

If you have started flossing your teeth, it is a great start towards dental hygiene. However, if you are not performing it correctly, you are more or less doing nothing at all. In order to remove the plague from your teeth, you need to floss the right way. While most of us believe using a good floss can help us get rid of plague, the truth is quite the opposite. It does not matter what brand of floss you are using, but what matters is how you are using it. A standard dental floss is good enough to give you dental hygiene, only if you know how to use it.


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    Start with using a lot of dental floss in a go. Do not think of saving it for later. You should at least have 15 to 18 inches of floss to start with. This might sound like a lot initially but you need to make the floss remains clean while you are using it on separate areas of your teeth. Do not use the same string for every area of the gum. This will only transfer plague from one end to another.

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    Now, wrap the floss around your index finger or the middle finger of your right hand. Do not use both the fingers as most of us do.

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    Hold the other end of the floss with your left fingers.

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    Slide the floss between your teeth. Make sure you are doing this gently and in a zigzag pattern. Make sure the floss is not popping or snapping between the teeth.

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    When working on a particular tooth, form a ā€˜Cā€™ pattern around it.

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    Now, gently slide the floss upwards from the gum line. Make sure you are going from the bottom of the tooth to the top.

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    Next, start rolling the floss around one tooth to the other. Remember to unroll fresh floss every time you move to a new tooth. You will do this with your left hand, by utilizing fresh part of the 15 inch floss every time.

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    Floss on both the sides, up and down.

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    Floss your molar teeth as well, as this is the area most of us tend to ignore.

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