How to Eat With a Tongue Ring

Piercings are not for the light hearted. They are meant for those people who are used to living on the edge and want to make a fashion statement; along with not being afraid to experience a little pain to customize their look.

One thing that is negative about piercings of any sort is that if they are done without proper care and treatment, giving way to bacteria and ultimately leading to undesired infections that may ruin the entire experience.

With tongue piercings, they heal much faster as compared to others such as belly button piercings and have a less chance of being infected. But whatever the situation, taking care is extremely important throughout the process.


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    Make the Right Food Choices

    When your tongue piercing is in the process of healing, choosing the right types of food is very important because not only is pain involved if you eat what you should not, but also it may slow down the healing process altogether.

    The swelling of the tongue is common and happens to most people who carry through with the piercing. Eating softer foods such as pudding, soups help in that regard along with ice cream and yogurt. Avoid spicy and hard food at all costs, because in the end, it is an open wound in your mouth.

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    Eat Slowly and Carefully

    Everyone has experienced biting their tongue when trying to eat fast, but having a tongue ring is place makes that a whole lot more dangerous. Remember that the barbell in your tongue can damage your teeth if proper care is not taken and may result in broken or even teeth being crooked if enough pressure is applied. Always take care especially when eating harder foods and avoid food that is too chewy at all costs, especially during the healing process.

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    Plastic Barbell

    Sometimes, a metal barbell can create a lot of stress in your life. It may hit your teeth a lot and result in swollen gums on a normal basis, which is why many experts recommend using a plastic one instead. It is much easier to eat with along with being safer for teeth and gums. The swelling on normal takes about two to three weeks and during that process, you should opt for a smaller barbell to allow the wound to heal completely and safely.

    Remember, safety is key to having a tongue ring for longer; otherwise, you may just have to take it out completely if things go wrong.

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