How to Make Coconut and Spearmint Lip Balm

The flashy lip balms at the supermarket aisle are over priced for the effort that goes into making them. Lip balms can easily be made at home at a small cost, less than half of the market price.One of the interesting flavors you can make is the coconut and spearmint one. Coconut and spearmint make a great combination that helps heal chapped and cracked lips. The two ingredients are known for their moisturizing and softening properties that can be captured in a lip balm. For those who like the coconut flavor and scent, this lip balm is a must on their side table and in their bags. It can be easily made at home within an hour and you will earn the pride of creating something yourself. We are going to make it richer with rose, cardamonand orange essential oil. Imagine the luxurious treatment your lips are going to receive. You can also supply your family and friends with these home made lip balms and earn the applauding looks.

Things required:

– 8 tbsp. coconut oil
– 4 oz. glass jar with tight-fitting lid
– 8 drops spearmint essential oil
– 4 drops rose essential oil
– 4 drops orange essential oil
-4 drops cardamom essential oil


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    You have to warm the coconut oil first. Pour it into a 4 oz jar and seal the lid tightly so that it cannot spill. Bring a pot of water to boil and remove from heat. Place the coconut jar in the pot and let the oil get warm. The 4 oz jar is the container which will hold your lip balm. After the oil has warmed throughout, remove it.

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    Add to the coconut oil the spearmint essential Shake well to mix before you add the rose oil. Do this alternative shaking and adding with all the essential oils. The mixture should evenly be combined. It is better if you do this step quickly so that everything is well mixed while the oil is still warm.

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    After you are done mixing, place the lip balm in the refrigerator and chill overnight before you start using it. This will give it time to set in shape. You can also make several small jars or tubes of lip balm according to preference and need.  You just need old lip balm containers and tubes to fill up the jar. You can also make your own creative labels for the jars.

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