Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Many people face the problem of teeth staining and they spend heavily on their trips to a dentist to get the treatment. They do not know that the problem can be solved if they change their daily habits. The consumption of sweets and candies is extremely harmful for your teeth and are one of the reasons for stains on your teeth.

There are many other reasons also which include the excess use of coffee, tea, red wine and cola drinks. These products are dark in colour and are very unhealthy for your teeth. 


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    Coffee is one of the main reasons of tooth cavity and teeth staining. The drink should be avoided as it is acidic in nature and is dark in colour. If you cannot live without coffee, try to trim down the daily consumption as too much of coffee can harm your teeth.

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    Red wine

    Red wine contains tannins and chromogens as main ingredients which are bad for your teeth. These two ingredients are mainly responsible for staining your teeth. Secondly, the dark colour of the wine is also responsible for leaving stains on your teeth. It is extremely important that you brush your teeth after consumption of red wine.

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    Like coffee, tea also has tannins which are bad for your teeth. The dark colour of the tea and considering you consume it when hot, makes it even worse for your teeth. To avoid this problem, you need to switch to either green tea or any other herbal tea.

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    Cola drinks are possibly the worse for your teeth. They are extremely acidic and rich on chromogen which may cause cavity or stains on your teeth. Cola drinks are also extremely fattening and should be avoided. Their unhealthy nature is the reason why many health organizations have been targeting them recently.

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    This category is vast and includes candies, chewing gums or jellies. All sweets contain sugar and excess sugar is bad for your teeth. So, try to consume sugarless gum if you are addicted to sweets otherwise try to avoid any such materials to make sure your teeth remain healthy and white.

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