How to Stop Lip Balm Addiction

Dry and cracking lips are a problem for a lot of people during dry winters. Many people use lip balms to get rid of this dryness and itchiness that is caused a result.

However, recently studies have shown that the lip balms actually do not help the issue as it helps in worsening of the situation in the longer term and also has an ill effect on the mouth as well.

It has also been observed in studies that it has taken form of an addiction for some who just cannot stay away from it. If you have a similar situation, you are not alone and you certainly can get rid of the problem with a little effort.


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    See a Dermatologist

    The first thing that you should do, if you have developed a lip balm addiction is to see a dermatologist. If you need any medication, the doctor will be able to help you in this situation and will be able to prescribe a medication if needed. A doctor can also enlighten you on how to protect your lips in the first place and what issues are related to lip balm addiction. This can help you in kicking the habit in a big way.

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    Drink Loads of Water

    If you drink sufficient water, your lips are unlikely to have cracking and dryness in the first place. Your body needs at least eight glasses of water but it is a good idea to drink more than that as the kidneys can handle a lot more. Water cleanses the body from inside and the effects of that can be seen on the outside as well. The drying of lips generally does not take place if you are hydrated.

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    Avoid Licking Your Lips

    It is quite natural that you will lick your lips if they are dry. Lip Balms add a bit of flavour to that as well. Try not to lick your lips so that you do not have the craving for the taste. Also licking your lips will not help in the condition and probably will worsen it.

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    Use Natural Products

    You can also kick the addiction and dry, cracking lips by using products that are provided to us by nature and are not manufactured in some factory involving chemicals. Virgin coconut oil is a cheap and high quality replacement for lip balms. It is easily available in the market and it keeps the dryness away for longer periods so you do not have to reapply it again and again.

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