How to Lighten Lips

Rosy light lips are every women’s dream. Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and they are quick in showing effects of adverse conditions like sunlight, heat, excessive lipstick and caffeine. These items decolorise lips and give them a dark tinge which effects your whole look. At this point women start frantically searching for remedies to lighten up their lip color. Our step by step guide provides just that. Follow the remedies and tips below regularly and set the mission for lips that do not need any polish to appear rosy. Let us make your lips naturally beautiful.


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    Home remedies:

    Honey and Lime treatment:

    Mix honey, glycerine and lemon juice in a bottle. Keep it near your bed and massage it into your lips every night. Regular use of this solution will lead to  guaranteed rosy lips.

    Lime Juice:

    Lime juice is a women's best skin lightening tool. It is as good for the lips as on any other body part. Apply a little lime on you lips and leave it on for half hour. Scrub it off after it. Use regularly.


    Crush almonds till they form a paste and start leaving oil. Apply this paste on your lips and keep on for an hour. Scrub it off with mild warm water. You can also mix cold milk with almonds for better results.


    Cucumber is as good at lightnening up lips as removing dark circles. Make a cucumber paste and apply it on your lips generously. Leave it on for a while and then wash off. Every remedy has to be used regularly for positive results.

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    Take a break:

    From smoking and caffeine:

    Smoking and caffeine containing items like tea and cofee darken your lip color. If you are committed to lighten up your lips, avoid these so that you get sure results.

    From Lipstick:

    Some might be surprised as to why give up lipstick. Continous use of lip stick darkens  the color. Take a break from the lip stick and replace it with a clear gloss. In no time, combined with our home remedies, this is going to get lips so rosy that they will not need any lipstick.

    From the sun:

    Use a lip balm that contains anti UV light protection when ever you go out. If your dark lips are due to sun exposure, this is going to help you get rid of them.

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    Consult your dermatologist:

    If the home remedies and preventions dont work, go to a dermatologist. He/she will prescribe an intensive lip lightening cream.

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