How to Tongue on Flute Faster

Before tonguing on a flute faster, you need to learn to play it first. It requires understanding the instrument and then becoming fluent in playing it. Cohering with flute will make the sound coming from it better and you will eventually sound as a professional. Using a flute requires air support and proper control on the tongue. When you will have control over your tongue only then you can play the instrument faster. Practice will develop your fluent playing skills and make you play faster.


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    First of all you need to sit or stand straight which is the right posture before playing this musical instrument. You need to make sure that you are standing or sitting in a way that your neck stays free. By this way you will lessen the tension around the neck region. Remember that your shoulders should also be in relaxing position. In case you are sitting, you should sit near the end and your back should be straight.

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    Push out air from your stomach

    You need to practice pushing out air from your stomach. Adjust your diaphragm in a way to control the airflow. You can do this by practicing breathing in and out which involves expanding or contracting of the diaphragm. Remember that you contract your diaphragm when you breathe out and vice versa.

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    Say ‘tu’

    Next you need to practice saying ‘tu’ from mouth. Once you are comfortable calling this word then you can mimic the movement of this word. You do not need to say it because this is the right way to tongue the flute.

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    Expel the air from your diaphragm

    You should breathe out the air from your diaphragm. In order to do this, push out the air with the help of the muscles from your diaphragm. Then copy the movement of saying ‘tu’ while you play this musical instrument.

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    You need to practice playing flute with your tongue a lot. Only by this you can tongue on this instrument faster. You will also have a firm grip over your flute.

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    Double and triple tonguing

    You can also increase the speed of your tongue by double or triple tonguing. However, you need to have a solid tongue for this purpose.

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