How To Choose a Lipstick Color for your Coloring

Lipsticks play an important role in making the people attracted towards you. You can give a subtle look to your face or can even give it a dramatic appearance, by choosing different shades of lipsticks. The overall look of your face certainly depends on the shade that you choose to be applied on your lips. Not every colour suits people with different types of skin tones. People with light-brown colour have different choices compared to those with pale white and light pink tones. If you choose the right lipstick colour, then it should complement your skin tone, rather than going away from it.


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    First of all, you need to decide the overall skin tone of your face. Make sure you determine the type of skin tone properly, before you continue. If you feel any trouble in pointing out your facial skin tone, then you can also consult with your friends and family members, who can give you a better idea. You can also ask your stylist, as they can give you the best idea, as they have proper knowledge of different skin tones people have.

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    If your skin tone is pale white or light pink, then you can choose pastel pink or peach colours, especially when you plan to go for the office or on a casual party. It is strongly advised that you should keep away from bright, bold lipstick colours, if you have pale white of light pink skin tone. If you do not, then you will end up looking like a ghost. Moreover, choosing shades of red colours can also become tricky at times. If you are going on a night party, then you should prefer wine-redĀ over cherry-red.

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    For people with medium complexion or with light-brown skin tone, they can go for pink, plum, and light caramelĀ colours, as they go along with their skin tone. People with pale colour and having summer tan can also opt for the similar colours.

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    If you have a dark complexion, then dark plum, chocolate, burgundy and similar colours will be the best options for you. You can also experiment with different colours and can also apply one over the others to check which colour suits you the best.

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