How to Get Naturally White Teeth

Keeping teeth clean and white is not easy, especially for those who have great love for sweet and sour food items. B food is not the only thing that blemishes your teeth. In fact tea, coffee and fizzy drinks also stain them. Smoking is another bad habit which tarnishes the teeth. Due to these bad eating and drinking habits, teeth are usually stained and give a terrible look. People then try different tips and methods to make them naturally white again. Many of these tips do not work, but follow this guide and make your teeth naturally white without visiting the dentist. This guide will inform you of the right eating habits as well as some elements which are quite helpful in making the teeth naturally white.

Things required to get naturally white teeth:

– Strawberry
– Lemon Juice
– Apple
– Wood Ash
– Sea Salt
– Olive Oil
– Raisins
– Strawberry
– Dairy Products
– Straw
– Hydrogen Peroxide
– Whitening Toothpaste
– Baking Soda


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    Natural Ingredients for Whitening Teeth

    There are several natural ingredients which can help whiten your teeth. Below is the list of some of them that are considered quite effective in whitening teeth.

    Lemon Juice

    Lemon Juice is a superb natural cleaning agent as it helps in removing plaque from the teeth. You can get white teeth with lemon juice if its small quantity is used with hot juice. This combination makes an excellent teeth cleaner.


    Aside from the juices, fruits like Apple also help in cleaning the teeth naturally. It also forms a film around teeth which protects them against staining.

    Wood Ash

    To bleach your teeth you can also use wood ash as it contains potassium hydroxide, which helps in making the teeth white. However, keep in mind that you should use wood ash quite gently because it can damage the enamel if used harshly.

    Sea Salt

    Sea Salt can also be used as a natural cleanser, as brushing with this agent makes your teeth white once again.

    Olive Oil

    It is yet to be proven that olive oil is good for oral health. But it has been reported on a number of occasions that it enhances the strength of both teeth and gums. Additionally, olive oil is also considered as a first-rate remedy when it comes to tooth aches.


    Raisins are also good for keeping the teeth white as they enhance saliva production, which is a natural way to get rid of the plaque.


    Take a strawberry, crush it, and rub its pulp on your teeth directly. This strawberry pulp will help remove coffee stains on the teeth, as berries are first-rate bleaching and cleaning agents.

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    Home Remedies

    As far as home remedies are concerned you can take into account the following to get white teeth naturally.

    Dairy Products

    Dairy products are helpful in whitening teeth naturally since they have lactic acid in them. Due to this lactic acid, dairy products not only maintain and develop teeth, but also keep gums healthy by decreasing their diseases. Hard cheese or cheddar is considered quite an effective dairy product in both whitening and cleaning the teeth.


    Another home remedy for naturally white teeth is developing the habit of drinking dark beverages with straw. This habit will allow food dyes to evade the teeth.

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    Best Products for Whitening Teeth

    If you are looking for a list of products that help in whitening your teeth then see the information provided below:

    Baking Soda

    Baking soda is a good source to white your teeth naturally. This agent works effectively as its results are pretty impressive. Even several dentists agree that baking soda not only shows good results in whitening the teeth, but it is also safe to use.

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Daily gargling with hydrogen peroxide also helps in preventing the growth of bacteria. Therefore, it is considered better than a mouthwash, which only kills the bacteria. However, before using hydrogen peroxide keep in mind that it should always be done by mixing with same amount of water - or 50/50 ratio to be precise. With the use of hydrogen peroxide you can also get rid of infections and it is quite useful against bad breath.

    Brush with Whitening Tooth Paste

    Using a whitening tooth paste on a daily basis will also help in obtaining good results. There are different whitening toothpastes available with which you can get your desired results.

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