How to Fix Slightly Crooked Teeth

It is said that a person’s smile has huge impact upon his/her overall personality and the way other people perceive him/her. An elegant smile can have soothing effects on others, besides giving the impression that you are a delightful person. However, many of us avoid smiling freely because of irregular or crooked teeth we have in our mouth. You can easily fix your crooked teeth with simple techniques and enjoy smiling freely in front of others. We shall see how you can use veneers to fix your slightly crooked teeth effectively.


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    Veneers are actually thin mouldings made of porcelain and are made according to every person’s requirement. You can even use them to fix the gaps between your teeth and make them aligned. You first have to find out that whether veneers are appropriate for you or not. If your teeth are healthy and white but only slightly misaligned, you might have some other options to fix them. A bit more crookedness in your teeth will require you to use veneers.

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    You have to go to a good a specialised dentist who can give you the right suggestion. Keep in mind that the use of veneers is irreversible when initiated and you better ask other persons who have gone through this experience to get the pros and cons of this method. Perform your search online or any other medium about fixing your crooked teeth and it will help you to form certain level of expectations before doing anything practical.

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    The dentist will examine you and then determine how many teeth require alignment. More the number of teeth to be treated, more the cost of it! So keep an eye on your budget before agreeing upon the treatment procedure.

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    Once your settlement is made with the dentist, he will give you an appointment for beginning the teeth alignment process. The dentist will make out a customised plan for you and make the veneers according to your teeth. You have to give several visits to your dentist during the treatment.

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    The dentist will give you an anaesthetic to ensure your comfort during the tooth preparation. Next, he will reshape your tooth to make the best fit for the veneer and then he will take an impression of it to make the correct-sized veneer for you.

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    Once the veneers are being made, they will be strategically placed on your teeth, covering them up completely. The dentist will guide you how to take good care of your new veneers.

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